Neck Pain Therapy in West Hollywood

Our daily life is not kind to our neck. Perhaps, you may be well aware of the cramp you experience when you hold the phone between your ear and shoulder, or the pain you feel after desktop or computer work.

What Is Neck Pain?

Your neck consists of bones, ligaments, and tissues that support the head and enable movements. Any types of inflammation, abnormalities or injury can result in neck pain or strain. Several people suffer from neck pain or stiffness at times. In several cases, it’s caused by inappropriate posture.

Usually, neck pain isn’t a fatal condition and can be treated in a couple days. In some situations, neck pain can manifest severe illness and injury that needs a medical professional’s help. When you have neck pain that persists for several weeks, is serious, or is accompanied by other conditions, consult immediately your doctor.

Here are the tips on how you can find neck pain relief:

It’s difficult to turn with poor posture. When you wake up and move around regularly, you will prevent yourself from getting your neck stuck in a bad position.

Put the monitor of your desktop or laptop at eye level so you are able to see it well. Use the hands-free function on your mobile phone or wear your headset. Support your tablet with a pillow so that it stands at a 45° angle, not lying directly on your lap.

If your eye wear is expired or outdated, then you tend to slant your head back to have a better view.

Sleeping with many pillows under your head can strain your neck’s range of movement.

For instance, before you move a huge piece of furniture to a different location, consider how it might affect your neck and back, and ask for assistance.

Lack of sleep can increase the risk for various different conditions that include pain in the muscles.

What Can Physical Therapy Do?

Physical therapy for neck pain has the following goals:

  • relieve pain and stiffness
  • increase head and neck range of motion
  • strengthen the neck and muscles
  • prevent pain from recurring

While pain cannot be completely treated, physical therapy plays a significant role in improving neck function and condition for every movement.

If you want a natural remedy for your neck pain, or even in your arms and shoulders, contact Neck Pain Therapy West Hollywood. Physical therapists can help you design a treatment plan and get your neck health back. Also offers treatment plans in Neck Pain Therapy in East Hollywood.

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