Neck Pain Therapy in East Hollywood

That pain in your neck is a condition that can limit your abilities to perform your daily tasks. It can affect your range of movement around the neck, and it could also be a source of pain in the other parts of your upper body.

What Causes Neck Pain?

There are several different reasons that trigger that pain in your neck.  These include:

  • Looking down at computer monitor all-day 
  • Driving for long periods of time 
  • Looking at mobile phones excessively
  • Poor sitting posture 
  • Motor vehicle accident 
  • Sports injury
  • Arthritis or disc degeneration

Where is the Pain Felt?

The pain can be mainly felt in your neck, or right on the side of the neck. Your neck pain may also be felt in your shoulder, and the other shoulder pain could originate from your neck. When a nerve in your neck is cramped and throbbed, you may feel pain radiating down your arms and going to your hands. Tingling, fatigue, or immobility may at times be felt in your arms and hands, too.

What are the Treatments for Neck Pain?

A physical therapist will help you reduce and relieve your neck pain. Some popular treatments recommended by physical therapists for neck pain include:

The physical therapist may recommend some specific exercises to assist you to improve your range of movement around your neck and help relieve your pain. Physical exercises may be designed if the weaknesses are determined during your initial consultation.

A traction is applied to adjust the joint surfaces in the neck, which could do good when you have neck arthritis. If you have a crammed or herniated disc, traction can help to provide your strained nerves some space that reduces the discomfort.

When a poor sitting position is regarded to be one of the causes of your neck pain, your therapist may assist you to modify it. A piece of special lumbar support equipment may be utilized to help you correct your sitting posture.

A joint mobilization therapy may be employed to help increase your neck range of movement and to alleviate your neck pain. Neck control and mobility can pose some health risks when not maintained.

When tense and sore muscles are regarded to be the cause of the pain, your therapist may apply massage techniques to help relax the tension and pain in affected muscles.

Neck Pain Therapy East Hollywood can help relieve the pain​ and provide you with a treatment plan to completely eliminate your neck pain. Manage the pain and go back to your normal activity and function. Also, check out Neck Pain Therapy in Los Feliz.

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