Neck Pain Therapy in Eagle Rock

Neck pain is one of the top complaints and can be associated with a number of conditions of many people.

It can also lead to loss of mobility that hinders you from doing your daily routine. The good thing is that it is often caused by muscle and joint problems, not severe conditions. There are several neck pain treatments that can provide immediate relief.

Typically, neck pain can be alleviated and mobility can be improved in time with the appropriate treatment. Considering the significance of your neck to full mobility, it’s essential to understand the main cause of the discomfort and manage it correctly. The common causes of neck pain can include:

  • postural imbalance
  • whiplash
  • ligament strain
  • muscle tension
  • nerve pinch
  • arthritis
  • disc degeneration
  • spinal stenosis

How to Preventing Neck Pain

When you work at your desk or computer all day:

  • stretch your neck from time to time
  • use a headset when on the telephone
  • set the computer in a holder at eye level when reading or typing 
  • sit on a chair with a straight and adjustable seat and back

You can also prevent neck pain when you:

  • Keep yourself from standing for a long time. When you have to stand for work, put a stool by your feet. Relax each foot on the stool from time to time.
  • Avoid wearing high heels every day. Put on the shoes that have supported soles when walking.
  • Part and walk around for a few minutes when you drive long distances. Do not lift heavy things just after a long journey on the road.
  • Set solid mattress and additional pillow
  • Take a break and relax. 

Physical Therapy for Neck Pain

You may be recommended to take massage and stretching exercises as part of your physical therapy to relieve your neck pain. A specialized exercise can help you correct your posture, strengthen your neck, and increase flexibility.

A good exercise program includes:

  • A massage that uses pressure on the soft tissues around your neck.
  • A mobilization that uses gradual systematic movements to pull, push, or bend the joints and bones.
  • A manipulation that uses force on a joint. It is performed with the use of equipment or hands. The gentle, structured pressure applied on the joint can vary from soft to hard, and from slow to fast. In some cases, other joints of the body are worked on to help relieve the spine.

Don’t allow that pain in your neck to keep you doing your daily activities. Contact Neck Pain Therapy Eagle Rock today to make an appointment and get you started on the road toward your overall health. You may also enjoy treatments offered in Neck Pain Therapy Eagle Pasadena.

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