Neck Pain Therapy in Pasadena

Are you having difficulty sitting upright on your chair, turning your head down to pick up things, or even tilting back when you go to sleep? Your neck is indeed an essential part of your body, and you use it regularly for movements. So any painful feelings can make your daily routine difficult.

According to health experts, around thirty percent of the population have suffered from neck pain in any given time each year. When you are going through neck pain, you will feel how weakening and inconvenient it can be. That pain in the neck can become serious if disregarded, and in some cases, a surgical procedure may even be prescribed.

Why do I suffer from neck pain?

There are several reasons why you are experiencing chronic neck pain. In most cases, neck pain normally spreads from the base of your head to the top of your shoulder, concentrating at the back of the neck. The level of the pain ranges from person to person others complain of the persistent dull ache, while some feel sharp and throbbing pains. Some common symptoms may include:

  • muscle tightness in the upper body
  • difficulty to stand up or sit up straight
  • discomfort when remaining in the same position 
  • low quality of sleep due to pain 
  • immobility and numbness 
  • arm weakness
  • headaches

The root cause of neck pain is the wear and tear of the bones and tissue structures around the neck. This can be due to a sudden injury or it may progress in the course time from frequent overuse. But certain degenerative conditions can also cause neck pain. Some conditions that can result in a throbbing pain in your neck include:

  • muscle tensions
  • nerve compression
  • joint degeneration
  • illnesses

What are the treatments for neck pain?

Physical therapies are proven to be very effective in treatment of neck pain. The techniques of deep tissue mobilization, muscular restoration, and joint mobilization are identified to be remarkably effective relief. Physical and manual traction is found to be effective in dealing with nerve compression.

An individualized treatment program is devised for each patient depending on their conditions and needs. The treatment is based on the deep issues around the neck and the postural muscles of the shoulder blades. Reeducation on the appropriate techniques and postures for sport, work, and daily activities is a vital component of the treatment.

The treatments provided by Neck Pain Therapy Pasadena are designed to relax the tightness of the muscles in your neck and increase your range of movement. Our therapists are professionally trained to assist you with your targeted exercises as part of your therapy program to restore your overall wellness. Neck Pain Therapy Malibu offers a comparable set of treatment services.

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