Relief From Neck Pain, Migraines, And Headaches

Massage therapists see a lot of clients complaining of neck pain, migraines, and headaches. A lot of factors can cause neck pain but one of the most common ones is neck posture. Our head weighs around 11 lbs. on average, and it is quite some weight for a neck to carry but our body is designed in a way that neck supports it easily without causing any pains or problems.

But over the years, things like repetitive habits, or bad posture changes it all. Add to it the usage of cell phones, laptops, and lack of exercise due to busy schedules; it gives most people a bad posture or a slouch.

What Causes Neck Pain?

Slouching causes change in the thoracic curve, which causes forward head posture or head and neck to fall forward. This is one of the main causes of pain that people experience in the neck and get headaches as well. Bad posture leads to not only pain but can also cause disc degeneration, nerve compression, and tightness in muscles of the neck. This tightness of muscles causes a decrease in flexibility and mobility causing more stiffness and pain.

How Can Massage Therapy Help?

Massage therapy is the best way to get rid of pain, be it neck pain, back pain, or adhesions, etc. An experienced massage therapist can assess everything from posture to weak muscles and determine what needs to be done to strengthen the muscles and fix the posture. Massage therapy can relieve pain and tension from neck and shoulders but to get completely rid of pain, posture also needs to be fixed permanently. Massage can help in lengthening the muscles, increasing the range of motion, and mobility which is enough for anyone to be free from neck pain and headaches. Besides massage, it is also recommended to do some exercises for neck strengthening and posture correction.

Massage Rx For Pain-Free Living
We have a team of certified and experienced mobile massage therapists who have helped numerous clients struggling with their daily routines because of neck pain, shoulder pain, and migraines. We have both male and female mobile massage therapists so you can choose your therapist according to your preference. Our therapists also speak other languages and it helps a lot in communicating with clients from different backgrounds. So if you are looking for in-home massage, corporate massage, sports massage or deep tissue massage in Los Angeles area, call us today!

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