Lower back pain therapy in Sherman oaks

Dealing with lower back pain can be debilitating. This type of pain can cause serious long term effects if it is not treated right away. Lower back pain can cause other parts of your body to compensate and therefore bring you more pain than what you originally had. A lot of the clients that come in into Massage rx present various issues that are from having their lower back hurt. Our Sherman Oaks and Century City team like to treat that type of lower back pain with therapy. We specialize in medical massages that will alleviate your pain.

Your lower back although you might think that is just part of your body. It has a bigger role than you might think. Your lower back supports your whole upper body. That is why it is very important for clients to seek help when their lower back is giving them issues. You can hurt your lower back as easily as stretching incorrectly which can cause tiny tears in your ligaments that can later become a more serious issue to car accident related lower back issues. Of course you always want to go get checked out by your physician prior to coming into our facility just to make sure you don’t have a herniated disk. Reason being is because a massage can potentially make that situation worse. When a client comes in with a herniated disk their muscles are usually very tense around the area because the muscles are inflamed. Once the massage is done we get for the muscles to relax there for the muscle around the herniated disk decompresses allowing for the disk to hurt again because there is no inflamed muscle keeping it in place.

Seeking help right away when having an injury can make a big difference on whether you will recover properly from an injury. We encourage you to give us a call when you have recently had an injury or are experiencing pain. Our team can help you on your road to recovery faster than you would expect. Our team has had extensive training to make sure that the treatment that they are giving clients is the best. While massage might be the one thing that for sure is going to advance your recovery it is not the only thing that we do. We teach our clients how to self treat at home with exercise that we might prescribe to them so that they can do them in between sessions.

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