Lower Back Pain Therapy in Pasadena

Lumbago or popularly known as lower back pain is the condition that is felt in the lower part of the back or the lumbar region. The discomfort starts below the thoracic area and can run to the legs and feet.

There are several components in the lower back that can contribute to lower back pain to people of different ages. The main cause of the problem can come from the bones, soft tissues, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. In addition, nerves, discs, and joints can also be considered. These elements are interconnected, so it’s most likely to experience lower back pain when one or some are damaged.

Lower back pain can occur in several ways. It may begin as a dull pain that varies with different movements. Or it can start as sudden sharp burning or throbbing pain. While it depends on the underlying reason for the back pain, you may also suffer from pain weakening your hips, legs, or feet.

Several treatment alternatives are accessible for lower back pain. One of the most natural and practical treatments for your back pain is to have a massage therapy. Massage therapies offer an effective and natural treatment program that will deal with your back pain. Take a look at some of the possible treatments offered:

This method applies low-velocity management mixed with exercises such as stretching of the joints and muscles. This helps enhance the range of movement to the muscles and joints of the lower back.

The chiropractic manipulation is a method where a high level of velocity thrust is applied to the impaired vertebra in your lower back. The aim is to boost the function of these vertebrae that will relax and lose the nerves, muscles, and ligaments.

If your studies and job require a lot of desk work the entire day, you might be highly susceptible to the adverse changes in your body posture. Be attentive to your body posture whenever lower back pain hits you. You will find out that you are dropping and slouching already. Sitting and standing properly will help to relieve your back pain as the muscles move back to their regular positions.

Lower back pain is one of the most common conditions we treat at Lower Back Pain Therapy Pasadena. Our therapists offer safe, natural treatments, along with the complementary exercises you can do at home to help keep the best results of our massage therapy, and help ease your symptoms of lower back pain. Also, check out Lower Back Pain Therapy in Malibu.

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