Lower Back Pain Therapy in Malibu

Chronic back pain after a physical injury should be assessed by a health professional. The red flags for a more serious injury include high levels of pain with persistent coughing, bowel and urinary incontinence, leg infirmity, and fever.

Below are some common causes of lower back pain among adults:

Carrying an overload purse, cases, handbag, and backpacks can hurt the muscles in the lower back. If you have to take with you a massive load, just think of using a wheeled baggage instead. By uploading the weight of your bag, you minimize the amount of pressure on your spine. Help keep your backpacks or suitcase safe by setting out that they are not heavily laden. A loaded backpack could lead to back pain later on.

Most physically active individuals such as fitness enthusiasts and athletes are prone to injuries to the back that causes tensions in the ligaments or stretches in the muscles around the spine. Severe health conditions or illnesses can have similar symptoms to those of the regular strains, too. The most common sports injuries take place after routine overuse of the spine either through contraction, twisting, or flection. Physically demanding sports such as marathon, soccer, or volleyball can normally cause lower back pain. Some sports like golf, in which routine twisting is often executed, can also lead to chronic lower back pain.

The lower back gives full support when we stand and sit properly without slouching. Sitting at your desk with good support for the lower back with shoulders back, and even your feet resting can save you from lower back pain. Good balance on the feet when standing can also reduce the risk of a lower back pain.

How To Prevent Lower Back Pain

Several studies have indicated that a regular massage treatment can help alleviate chronic lower back pain. A massage therapy can rebuild people’s strengths to do their routine activities and reduce pain.

Other preventive measures to reduce your risk of back pain as you age include keeping an ideal weight, working out regularly, proper lifting with the legs, and maximizing your workspaces. A routine of light exercises is recommended every after a period of prolonged immobility. Brisk walking for at least 15-30 minutes every day can boost the strength and flexibility of the muscles and prevent your lower back from strain or injury. Regular stretching can also help relax muscle tension, revitalize your core muscles, and correct your body posture for a healthier back.

If you have lower back pain, don’t be stunned if your doctor recommends you to get a massage from a licensed massage therapist. Contact Lower Back Pain Therapy Malibu today and check out the best treatment plan for you. Find out other services available in Lower Back Pain Therapy Pacific Palisades.

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