Lower Back Pain Therapy in North Hollywood

That sharp throbbing pain in the lower back part of the body is one of the worst feelings many people endure. No one is pain-free even when in a comfortable sitting and standing position.

Can Massage Treatment Give Relief to Back Pain?

A massage therapy is one of the most recommended treatments for patients with lower back pain. Muscle tension is a known cause of most pain in the lower back. The pain and stiffness subside with the warm oils or cream used in massage, and also alleviates the muscle cramps. The massage treatment can therefore give relief and also improve mobility. Thus, it is critical that the right muscles are treated while applying the massage so it is really important to seek treatment from a professional therapist or a trusted spa for your lower back pain therapy.

Where Does the Pain Come From?

The biological reason for back pain is compounded and the cause may vary from person to person. Health experts have found out that back pain can be caused either due to biological components or lifestyle of an individual:

  • prolonged sitting or standing
  • overweight
  • use of high heels
  • spinal disorder
  • lower body injuries
  • bone diseases¬†
  • spine structure changes

How is the Lower Back Pain Done?

The massage therapy for back pain applies a mixture of deep tissue massage and Swedish massage. Several massage techniques such as tapping, rubbing, pounding etc. loosen up the muscle knots and facilitate better circulation of the. A certified therapist knows well about the muscular system and how to apply the appropriate amount of pressure on right muscles. Normally, the warm oils used are applied around the back with long gliding strokes. The massage motions are usually heading to an upward direction to hit the flow of the blood towards the heart. The lower back massage also stretches towards the parts of the shoulder and neck.

How Can the Back Massage Do?

A lower back massage stroke promotes blood circulation and facilitates a good amount of nutrients and oxygen to the muscles of the body. The mechanism also accelerates recovery of muscle pain from soft body tissue injury and strenuous physical activity. An unhealthy lifestyle such as incorrect posture and prolonged sitting builds muscle strain along with the lower back muscles, thus, a lower back massage therapy is an effective treatment to reduce the discomfort caused by the tension in the muscle.

Lower Back Pain Therapy North Hollywood offers a special massage for your back pain that applies a combination of Swedish massage and deep tissue massage. Avail an inclusive treatment plan to relieve the pain and get your body back on to its health and wellness. Services are also available in Lower Back Pain Therapy Studio City.

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