Lower Back Pain Therapy in Studio City

Lower back pain is one of the most common health complaints of many adults. Whether it is due to stress, injury, or inactivity at home or in the workplace all day, lower back pain can greatly affect your mood and general attitude in life. It can hinder you from working even the simple routine tasks such sweeping the floor or engaging in physical activities like fitness workout or sports. While more and more people opt to take pain pills to get rid of their back pain, a good massage therapy is a much more effective safer remedy available.

Lower Back Pain Massage Techniques

A regular massage therapy can help alleviate your back pain and prevent it from recurring. While it’s highly recommended to seek a licensed massage therapist, there are simple massage techniques for treatment that you can have a family member or your partner do until you are able to reach out to a professional therapist to treat your lower back pain.

For a throbbing pain in the lower back part, have your family member, partner, or close friend do the following techniques:

  • Use warm natural oil or mild lotion when massaging the bare skin with clean hands.
  • Begin with very slow and gentle strokes to improve the blood circulation and prevent injuries. 
  • Express your level of comfort so as not to put on too much pressure.
  • Apply gentle circular strokes on the sides of the spine and hip after the muscles are stimulated.
  •  Use soft compression and pressure on top of the muscles in each buttock.
  • Repeat the techniques to hit the pain in the lower back, but be careful not to apply too much pressure.

Massage Therapy with Regular Stretching

While massage therapy done at home can be convenient and provide temporary relief, it is always advisable to see a professional massage therapist to diagnose the root cause of the throbbing pain in your lower back and work together to relieve it. After taking a regular massage treatment session, your therapist will recommend some exercises that you can do at home to complement the therapy applied.

Before engaging in any physical exercise, consult first with your doctor to confirm whether or not your current body condition can tolerate massage therapy or home exercises. Lower Back Pain Therapy Studio City is staffed with professional massage therapists who can help you create a comprehensive treatment plan to relieve your lower back pain and to get your body back on its way to overall wellness as offered in Lower Back Pain Therapy Universal City.

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