Lower Back Pain Therapy in Los Feliz

In the past, a massage session was once regarded as a relaxation session one enjoys at a spa, however, it is now considered as a practical therapy for body pains.

A back massage is one of the common types of massage that mainly targets the back of the body and is ideal for those suffering from chronic back pains. This massage therapy uses a soft pressure to reduce knots in your muscles, tightness in your tissue and improve blood flow.

Why should you take a back massage?

The therapeutic benefit of a lower back massage is more than just for leisure and relaxation. The root cause of back pain is the tension in the muscles from standing or sitting the entire day. Taking an hour-long back massage regularly can relieve the pain and improve mobility. It can also be considered as a natural painkiller. It also improves your mood as it boosts your serotonin and dopamine levels.

Here are the common benefits of a back massage:

It stimulates the flow and circulation of the blood in your body. A lower back therapy also helps in taking oxygen-rich blood and nutrients to the major organs, muscles, and tissues.

Muscle strains and spasms are the causes you have struggles with sleeping. A back massage loosens the muscle knots and relieves pain allowing you to fall into a peaceful doze.

If you have been standing and sitting still at your school arm chair or work desk the whole day or do regular workouts then your back muscles can become strained, resulting in lower back pain. However, a good back massage can ease the tension and reduce you from that throbbing pain.

A regular back massage prompts the release of ‘feel-good’ chemicals like endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin. The production of these chemicals helps alleviate lower back pain, which may also ease anxiety and depression.

Relieves Discomfort during Pregnancy

The therapy also reduces the pain expectant mothers feel in their lower back during pregnancy. The rise in anxiety levels during pregnancy may result in muscle tension which makes the body dreary, thus, a massage session in this case loosen stiffness of the muscles and reduces tension. It also relieves swelling of joints and the symptoms of depression among pregnant women.

In Lower Back Pain Therapy Los Feliz, we want to relieve your pain and help you rebuild your health. Talk to a professional therapist and know the right massage treatment program for you. You may also avail of this service in Lower Back Pain Therapy Eagle Rock.

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