Lower Back Pain Therapy in Eagle Rock

In a large portion of the population, lower back pain is a perpetual health issue among for different reasons. It is common for lower back pain to opt for many people to see their doctors as often as they would go for common health conditions such as colds. If this is familiar to you, try an alternative maybe your next option.

It can be enticing to take more medication despite there being a risk of becoming dependent or worse overdosing. Massage therapy can help these back pain martyrs find some treatment without taking more pills.

Some studies have indicated that a massage therapy is an effective relief for lower back pain. One study participant showed that after regular sessions with a massage therapist they felt their pain disappear and their mobility improves. Before the study, they were experiencing extreme discomfort from walking long distances, prolonged sitting, and riding in and out of their vehicles.

Lower Back Pain Therapy Eagle Rock provides therapeutic massage focused on boosting your overall health and wellness. Whether you just need some relaxation or have specific muscle spasm, we offer the best lower back therapy in Eagle Rock.

A massage therapy has been shown to help in the following ways:

  •  ease symptoms of depression
  •  improve sleep quality
  • reduce low back pain
  •  alleviate tension headaches
  • provides pain relief
  • treat symptoms of carpal tunnel

These are just some of the countless benefits of massage backed up with some scientific studies. To learn more about the benefits of massage and why we believe in it so much, please check out our blog’s massage category.

The ultimate goal of massage is treatment. The therapists apply smooth, gliding strokes, gently rubbing and stretching the muscles of the back. A massage treats the body from head to toe. The relaxation and healing effects are what most clients look forward to when taking a massage session.

A massage therapy complements the prescribed medication treating chronic lower back pain. At Lower Back Pain Therapy Eagle Rock, we offer several types of massage therapy including Swedish or relaxation massage and the Deep-tissue massage. The massage therapists are professionally trained and equipped to manage pains, which most people experience at some point in their lives.

Learn more about all of their massage services or feel free to call for a consultation on what type of massage therapy would be the perfect fit for you. Lower Back Pain Therapy in Pasadena provides comparable relaxation and treatment sessions.

We look forward to helping you achieve a healthy mind and body.

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