Lower Back Pain Therapy La Canada Flintridge

When you are not physically active, there are some issues that you might have to deal with. One of them is the throbbing pain with your lower lower back, which can be intensely excruciating.

All you need is a pain reliever because when you experience sudden and sharp pain in the back, you are almost powerless without pain management. When you are experiencing muscle spasm and tension, inflammation builds up around them that cause tightness, soreness and immobility. Getting a massage therapy for pain management may be the best remedy, or it can be taken together with the oral pain relievers.

Causes of Lower Back Pain

When you are suffering from lower back pain or muscle contraction, the source is most likely from carrying heavy objects, sudden movement, or floor accidents. A recurrent motion injury, bad posture, physical stress, and excessive weight can also add the discomfort you feel. When inflammation causes muscle contraction and spasms in the back and limits mobility, a good massage treatment can help alleviate the pain.

Massage Mechanisms

By focusing on the relaxation reaction from the nervous system, a massage can provide both physical and emotional privileges. This enables your heart and breathing rates to ease up, and your blood pressure and stress hormones to reduce. A massage therapy, by kneading the muscles, produces an involuntary reaction for relaxation that takes place along with a physical or mechanical reaction to pressure put to the soft tissues. The use of the two responses in physical and emotional benefits that include improving the range of motion.

During a massage session, the pressure is put on the soft tissues, increasing the blood and lymph flow. That can alleviate swelling, reduce nerve compression, and loose tightened muscles. As a result, it prevents tensions and spasms.

Benefits of Massage

Many people claim that massage strengthens their body and helps them to feel more relaxed. It’s an ideal physical therapy that can improve and keep spine health. A massage can help treat lower back pain in different ways:

  • It improves blood circulation, which delivers nutrients to muscles and the surrounding tissues. It helps pain or strain muscles recover from strenuous physical activity or injury.
  • It increases flexibility, relieves pain and improves sleep pattern by reducing muscle tensions.
  • It releases endorphins and other feel-good chemicals in the brain  that can alleviate anxiety and relieves the pain from tension, speed recovery, and complication.

While stretches and exercises at home may offer momentary relief, it is highly recommended to get yourself medically examined for chronic lower back pain. If you want to take advantage of the healing effect of massage treatment, contact Lower Back Pain Therapy La Canada Flintridge today. With services in Marina Del Rey.

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