Lower Back Pain Therapy in Marina Del Rey

One of the common reasons for health consultation is the throbbing pain in the lower back part of the body. Fortunately, a massage is one of the most effective therapies recommended for immediate and lasting relief for lower back pain.

A massage treatment is a practical, natural way to alleviate back strain and the pain associated with it. The therapy for back pain can also be good for relaxation techniques because it produces endorphins, which gives feelings of great joy and delight in the brain.

Approximately 10% of the people have it, and for many who experience back pains, the condition becomes severe. Some studies have indicated that massage may relieve chronic lower back pain according to several the journals published in Pain Management.


Many practitioners in the medical community are recommending massage as a practical option for reducing or treating lower back pain, or for the massage to be used along with the other medical procedures to help speed up recovery time. Massage can also help with overall health conditions and offers psychological benefits that include:

  • managing stress
  • improving quality of sleep cycle
  • eliminating muscle toxins
  • relieving muscle pain
  • increase blood flow
  • relieving muscle tensionĀ 
  • releasing endorphins


There are different mechanisms of massage therapies that include Deep Tissue Swedish Shiatsu, and Neuromuscular massage.

uses deeper pressure that aids to loosen chronic muscle tension like the Swedish massage techniques.

applies along, rubbing hand stroke, as well as gentle, regular, taps that are focused on the muscles nearest to the external surface of the skin.

manipulates the palm, finger, and thumbs to put pressure on the affected areas of the body, helping to alleviate discomforts and other conditions, and fix imbalances.

involves a quasi-static that applies soft pressure focusing on the soft tissues and stimulates muscle tissues and fibers.

However, it is highly recommended to have your body checked by a medical professional before you decide to get a massage therapy for your lower back pain. Medical conditions such as slipped disc or recent surgery may not make you a good candidate for a lower back pain massage until you get a clean bill of health from your doctor.

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