Lower Back Pain Therapy in Beverly Hills

Have you been suffering from low back pain for a couple of weeks and months already? Then you might need to make an appointment with a physical therapist.

The sharp pain felt in your lower back can be weakening and disruptive, and it affects a lot of people at one time in their lives. It still can leave you at rest that can undermine the quality of life regardless of its severity.

Lower back pains are typically classified based on the duration of its pain. One is the acute back pain that settles within a few weeks or months. While The other the chronic back pain lingers for about three months or more.

Some common causes of lower back pain include:

  • falling on hard surfaces;
  • lifting solid objects;
  • draining muscles;
  • spraining ligaments;
  • doing poor posture;
  • living an inactive lifestyle;
  • lacking of exercise;
  • sitting still for a long time;
  • bending the back in continued activities;

A physical therapy is best applied for pain caused by a back sprain when the appropriate muscle is treated, the pain can be contained at its source for immediate and permanent relief. The following therapies help relieve your short-term lower back pain.

A weak abdominal muscle may trigger a lower back pain. A core strengthening exercise is recommended to strengthen the band of muscle that supports your turn. These exercises may include leg stretching, sit-ups, sideswipes, and other workouts that put some pressure on the muscles in the abdomen. It makes them robust enough to keep the pain inside.

A passive physical therapy is a treatment that can give relief to pain temporarily by loosening up tense muscles in the lower back. The therapist will ask you to put a heating pad to the affected part before exercising or a cold compress to alleviate tense muscles and tissues.

The treatments in active physical therapy involve stretching and movement that enables the muscles to be more flexible. It includes dynamic stabilization that does a number of exercise balls and balancing machines. The focus of the exercises is to assist the spine while it endures a range of motion that can weaken pressure on it.

These therapies will provide pain relief and help you stay active. Discuss chronic back pain or acute back pain with Lower Back Pain Therapy in Beverly Hills with therapy services in Santa Monica. You may need a specialized treatment plan to alleviate pain. Let the therapy restore health without the need of high dosage medications and a major surgery.

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