Lower Back Pain Therapy in Santa Monica

Almost everyone will experience back pain at some point in their life. Fortunately, most lower back pains are not severe and will normally react well to conventional treatments.

Have you ever thought if you could treat your lower back pain with physical therapy? Well, the resounding answer is YES. Lower Back Pain Therapy Santa Monica offers a conventional treatment to help you regain your strength and health by relieving your recurring back pain. The method is a widely used and highly effective treatment for the common condition.

Back pain is a common condition among adults. It can turn up for many reasons such as lack of exercise, lifting of heavy objects, and normal abrasion of muscles. While home remedies like taking over-the-counter pain relievers or applying heat or cold compress may temporarily help, still the safest treatment for low back pain is the exercise under the guidance of a physical therapist.

Lower Back Pain Therapy Santa Monica and North Hollywood staff are certified to physically treat pain through exercises, education, and hands-on care. The treatment is cost-effective in times when commonly back pain is treated with medicines or impractical imaging scans. Strengthening and stretching your muscles are crucial to lower back pain relief. Even after a major surgery, you’ll be prescribed by your doctor for a regular therapy for a speedy recovery.

The first step the physical therapist will do is an assessment. They will conduct diagnostic and physical tests to identify the level of your back pain. They’ll also evaluate you for more serious health issues that could trigger your pain.

After analyzing the data, a personalized plan that suits your needs and condition is recommended. Your treatment plan will involve both passive and active procedures to provide long-term relief from your back pain. The passive procedure is when you are treated with a massage, kneading, and electrical stimulation. While the active procedure is when you are asked to do stretching and exercise to expand your range of mobility.

Patients may be recommended a physical therapy session for back pain from two to three times a week to several months. By undergoing this treatment plan, you’ll be able to reduce or relieve your lower back pain.

Lower back pain can diminish your physical strength and keep you from enjoying a good life you deserve. Whether you fell on your back, slipped on the floor, and pulled a muscle in your back, Lower Back Pain Therapy Santa Monica can connect you with therapists who are experts in treating lower back pain and ensuring that you are treated the best way possible.

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