In Home Massage Therapy in Pacific Palisades

Wouldn’t you like to be home enjoying a cup of wine after a long day’s work and then getting a massage right before going to sleep? Yes we know that would be ideal and with an in home massage therapy session. Our La Canada Flintridge and Rolling Hills Estates team can make that happen. No need to imagine when it can actually happen.

We know that work can sometimes be stressful and sometimes your work mind doesn’t stay at work most people tend to bring it home thus creating an unbalanced lifestyle. That is when we come in through massage we will be able to balance all that out and forget about your work life and make you focus on the feel-good of the massage from the comfort of your own home.

Being at home gives you the ability to set up whatever you would like in order to enjoy your massage to the fullest. We recommend setting up your environment to be relaxing with the following: 

  • Candles
  • Wine
  • Dim lighting 
  • Diffuser 
  • A relaxing music of your choice 
  • Your choice of lotion or oil (notify therapist prior to commencing the massage)

Getting an in home massage will be the best thing that you can invest in. Not only are you doing self-care but you are also doing your body good and preventing injuries or building up tension. We have seen that clients that get massages on a more regular basis even if it is on a monthly occurrence they present less tension and less chronic pain.

When people start realizing that massage is the best subscription that they can have they start noticing the benefits of getting their massages. Massage Rx tries to educate our clients in ways that they can prevent some of the types of pain that they present. Our In Home Massage Therapy Pacific Palisades and La Canada Flintridge team have many different ways that they deal with certain pains that clients present.


The way that our therapist deals with what the client presents is by assessing them prior to the massage commencing reason being is because there are a couple of questions that the therapist asks the client to see what could possibly be causing the pain. Then the therapist will proceed by checking the range of motion. This is helpful information for when the client is getting their massage it lets the therapist know what needs to be worked on. So you see we are not only here to provide you with a massage we are here to learn about the individual and how we can help. 

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