In Home Massage Therapy in Rolling Hills Estates

Being stuck in traffic is the worst part of your day. Why not make it better by calling Our in home massage therapy team located in Rolling Hills Estates and South Pasadena. We are here to make sure that after a long day you are able to come home and relax and be pain-free. Massage may not seem like the best thing when you just ended your day but it is actually probably the best time to do it. You will not be going anywhere anymore and you will also be more relaxed when your home makes your massage be a thousand times better. 

When getting an in home massage many people don’t feel comfortable with letting a stranger come into their home but you can rest assured that our staff is trained to the highest level of professionalism. When the therapist is in your home you will quickly see that there is a protocol that they have to follow. When booking an in home massage to the clients benefit they can set up the room however they would like and be more in control as to your surroundings.

Massage is a very personal thing and should not be looked at as something that can’t be because it can only be done one way and if that is how you have felt when you have gone elsewhere then you have been going to the wrong place. Massage is very personal; you can customize it any way you would like to fit your pain, stress, or relaxation needs. We have had clients book in home massages in the past and prior to us coming to their home they let us know that they will like for example sixty minutes for deep tissue and the last thirty minutes for relaxation.

Our therapist will always suggest what they will like to work on since they want to address the problem areas that are giving you the most discomfort. Of course you will always have the option to have your session be however you would like. Our therapist in the beginning will make a small assessment to see what needs to be addressed. This will not take any longer than 5 min but it is crucial for the therapist to know what you are dealing with. He or she depending on your situation will suggest our membership which is beneficial to everyone that signs up if you would like more info please give us a call 626-768-3969

Using MAT stretching your massage therapist determines any problem areas related to:

  • Headaches and migraines
  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Ankle and Hamstring pain

Your skilled and knowledgeable therapist will find the root of your discomfort
and recommend the best solution for your needs, along with a comprehensive wellness
program for after your massage.

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