Neck Pain Therapy West in Los Angeles

Neck pain affects around one out of five adults in the U.S. and can result in chronic pain that impacts our day-to-day life. It’s important to look at some of the possible treatments and exercises you can do to relieve and manage the pain.

The common causes of neck pain range from bad body posture to certain medical conditions like arthritis. The level and duration of neck pain vary depending on the root cause. Our posture can be corrected while arthritis is a major issue.

Neck pain may result in a swollen neck, but sometimes, particularly when the cervical surface gets injured, pain, or inflammation can also cause discomfort in your shoulder or upper back. In some cases, even slightly moving the head gets a painful reaction. This significantly reduces the quality of life, and affects your ability to do your job and participate in other life activities.

Luckily, a wide selection of treatments is available to help you alleviate your neck pain. These techniques could help you depending on the cause of your condition, so make sure to contact your medical doctor to talk about the specific method best for you.

Physical therapists are highly trained in making sure patients have the best spinal treatment. Spinal alignment is essential to assess in cases of neck pain since most pains are caused by bad posture and inactive lifestyle. Sitting in front of the computer and television screen every day is common for most people, but the slouching posture typically adopted while engaging in these activities is the main source of neck pain.

In order for a patient to find pain relief, the physical therapist may apply controlled pressure to the spine in a refined way to adjust the bones and ligaments to proper alignment, alleviating pressure, and pain.

Active release technique for neck pain relief is an in-depth form of therapeutic massage. ART involves applying deep pressure to damaged scar tissue that may have accumulated in the soft tissue of the painful spots. In some cases, neck pain is caused by muscle strains or many small breaks in the soft tissues. These conditions may cause the build-up of scar tissue that typically a deep massage technique like ART can release. The patient is usually active during this procedure, moving in different ways to facilitate the breaking up of scar tissue. ART helps to bring back the natural strength of soft tissues, relieving the pain at its source.

At Neck Pain therapy in West Los Angeles, our team has earned physical therapy experience and skills. We have helped many patients in West Los Angeles high-quality treatment for different injuries and medical conditions. We passionately care about finding the best therapy for you. Also, check out Neck Pain therapy in Calabasas.

Then the therapist will continue with the tailored massage while using their specific technique to alleviate any type of discomfort or pain that you presented. During your massage we apply the pressure we think necessary for what you are presenting. If at any time during the massage you feel discomfort please let the therapist know so they can adjust the pressure. Our goal is to have you leave with the best massage that you have ever had while alleviating the pain and discomfort that you have. You should never leave a massage facility feeling sore or in more pain than you came in with. If you are slightly sore that will be from a deep tissue or from addressing a specific body area that does need work. Book with us so we can get you on the road to recovery without having to take medication or go pay an expensive medical bill.

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