Neck Pain Therapy in Santa Monica

No one is spared from neck pain at some point in their lives. Neck pain can disrupt your mood, sleep, energy, work, and leisure whether it is mild, moderate, or severe. Although oral pain medication such as Aspirin can relieve pain and discomfort, pain relievers don’t necessarily reduce muscle tension or increase range of motion.

What Causes Neck Pain?

There are several factors that trigger neck pain and stiffness. Many studies indicate that other injuries, bad posture, arthritis, repetitive movements, and cramped nerves, chronic stress is also one root cause for neck pain. Stress frequently causes our physique to become stiff, making the neck and shoulder muscles and tendons rigid and tense. This extreme muscle tension acts on our posture, spine alignment, and can even inflict throbbing headaches.

What Are Its Symptoms?

The symptoms often reduce when the neck is relaxed or supported, and may progress with sudden movements that include:

  • neck tension
  • loss of range
  • limited movement
  • shoulder spasm
  • sharp neck pain
  • neck muscle cramp

How Massage Therapy Is Applied?

There are different techniques of massage, with variants in mechanism, pressure, and motion performed with the hands and other routines. Even in situations where it’s only the neck that is affected, the treatment is typically administered to the back, neck, and shoulders since these parts are all banded together.

The two most common types of massage to deal with neck pain are

  1.  Swedish Massage mainly concentrates on long, regular strokes, which are normally applied in the direction of blood circulating towards the heart. Rubbing down and friction movement may also be incorporated. Swedish massage is specifically designed to boost relaxation and tranquility in the entire body.

  2. Deep Tissue Massage often applies deeper strokes and pressure to deal with the deeper layers of the muscles and tissues. This therapy is also popularly known as connective tissue massage. There are a wide range of descriptions for deep tissue massage, depending on the techniques and ideologies of the massage therapists. Contrary to Swedish massage, a deep tissue massage conventionally gives more therapeutic emphasis on the part of chronic pain.

Neck Pain Therapy Santa Monica offers massage modalities of different types that are known to help many people find treatment from rigid patterns of stress and tension that manifest in the form of painful back, neck, and shoulder pain. A massage therapy has been identified to be very effective at alleviating tension and stiffness in all of the core muscle groups in the neck, shoulders and back, giving you immediate relief that lasts far more lasting than any pain medication. Check out more massage treatment services in Neck Pain Therapy North Hollywood.

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