Lower Back Pain Therapy in West Hollywood

Are you sometimes suffering from back pain? Well, you are not the only one in the boat. Millions of Americans are experiencing a range of back problems according to the US Department of Health and Human Services. It has been estimated up to 80% of the American population.

Lower back pain can vary from mild muscles pain caused by light physical activity to chronic and extreme discomfort. Professional massage therapists are known to provide a safe and convenient method to alleviate, if not treat, many of these cases. So how does a therapist actually deal with your back pain and what modalities of massage work effectively for you?

Four Benefits from Lower Back Pain Massage Therapy

A massage is a non-invasive treatment which offers many several benefits physically and mentally. It’s a well-recognized method of treating and reducing symptoms of acute and chronic back pains along with their underlying issues.

There are four remarkable benefits from getting regular massage therapy for your back pain:

  1. Most massage therapists are professionally trained physical therapists who can help you to determine the main cause and source of your lower back pain. They can also provide complementary exercises and their necessary changes if appropriately trained, to your daily activity that will help to avoid further complications in the long term. Professional massage therapists will also be able to provide advice when you need to see a medical doctor to get the appropriate treatment to more severe underlying causes. Lower Back Pain Therapy East Hollywood is known to provide such treatment.
  2. A massage therapy improves the circulation of blood to the affected areas of the back by effectively stroking and patting the back muscles. This helps to speed up healing, especially the muscle soreness due to soft tissue injury and extreme physical activity. Some scientific studies also firmly suggest that a massage therapy can help maintain the healthy vascular function of both those active and inactive in sports.
  1. The chemicals endorphins, which stimulate pleasure and happiness within the brain. They are also known to alleviate physical pain and mental anxiety. The techniques applied in massage therapy such as myotherapy and acupressure are said to help promote the increased endorphin levels. It does not merely make you feel better and happier, but also promotes full recovery and healing of your body.
  2. Too much muscle tension can lead to pain and immobility, specifically around the lower back. The massage therapy helps promote relaxation of major muscle groups improving flexibility and getting rid of the associated pain.

If you are looking for a good massage that will help you deal with your lower back pain, check out the services of Lower Back Pain Therapy West Hollywood today

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