Lower Back Pain Therapy in Pacific Palisades

Lower back pain is more than a discomfort that may have some significant impact on your life. As a matter of fact, the effects of lower back pain can be so serious that in some situations, patients can become clinically and emotionally depressed.

Several treatment options for lower back pain can be designed to the specific needs of the individual. Depending on the medical diagnosis and prescription, some treatments may be more effective than others. Some people believe that a combination of treatments would make a difference.

Here are the four types of massage therapy that effectively manage the lower back pain:

A trigger point massage focuses on the intrinsic muscles. The massage therapy aims to determine specific tight spots and release them with moderate pressure applied for a longer time. Trigger points cause tension where they settle as well as the pain that goes around the other areas of the body.

In this lower back pain treatment, a massage therapist will apply a deeper and harder pressure on each affected muscle, so that they can better hit the lower layers of the tissues and muscles. This mechanism helps relieve scar tissue and loose knotted muscles. If you experience some pain, then it is an indication that something is wrong or the pressure is too intense for you, and you should communicate it to your massage therapist.

A Swedish massage is ideal when you just want pure relaxation. This therapy applies long, extensive strokes that move from the top to the bottom of a muscle, rolling and rubbing motions, light, and regular drumming, or intense pressure applied to the affected areas.

This type of massage also applies deep pressure altered with gentle strokes and can concentrate only on the affected area or your entire body. Not only will a sports massage help alleviate your lower back pain or other painful spots, but it will also help to increase flexibility and improve strength.

At Lower Back Pain Therapy in Pacific Palisades, we understand how frustrating and exhausting lower back pain can be. That is why we conduct a thorough assessment and consultation to check your condition. We take the time to listen to you so we can provide better treatment to your pain.

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