Lower Back Pain Therapy in Los Angeles

A great amount of lower extremity pain comes from muscle strain and condition, so it is essential to pay attention to muscle components as a probable cause, this is where the massage therapy matters.

Massage therapy has become more widely recognized in the medical community than ever before. Massage is a reliable treatment for many types of back pain and has been prescribed together with the other alternative treatments. Many studies have indicated the potential health benefits of massage therapy for back pain sufferers.

You can choose the most appropriate type of massage therapy based on your medical diagnosis and personal preferences. Here are some of the common massage treatments:

It helps to relax muscle tension in the entire body. This soothing massage can also help in alleviating minor back pain. The massage therapist applies a combination of rubbing and tapping, extensive circular motions, soft joint movements, and long strokes.

This intense pressure can help patients who have muscle spasms, some injuries, and acute muscle pains. During deep-tissue massages, the therapist involves deep finger pressure and soft kneading movements. The added pressure helps to reach to the deeper layers of muscles and supporting tissues.

The trigger points are spots of tension in muscles that develop the pain in other parts of the body. These trigger spots have tightened muscle contractions and slowed down blood circulation. Hitting these areas with a good massage can help in managing the symptoms. During a trigger point massage, the therapist focuses on the entire body, concentrating on affected areas that cause you throbbing pain.

It starts by identifying your symptoms to the therapist such as muscle tension and lower back spasms. Your therapist applies the proven mechanism like trigger point or myofascial massage. These techniques can help to relieve your pain and produce structural improvement in your muscles and other supporting tissues.

During a Shiatsu massage, the therapist applies thumbs, fingers, and palms to put pressure to the different parts of the body. This pressure boosts energy flow and aids to fix imbalances in the body. Shiatsu promotes overall health and assists with pain relief, muscle coordination, and range of motion.

A lower back massage therapy is a non-invasive treatment providing back pain patients with immediate and lasting relief. Our professional team of therapists at Lower Back Pain Therapy Los Angeles can diagnose your symptoms and recommend the most conservative treatment plan for your condition.

If you are suffering from acute or chronic back pain and would like more information about treatment services, call today and book for a consultation session. You may also reach Lower Back Pain Therapy in West Los Angeles for similar services.

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