Leg Pain Therapy in El Segundo

Does the pain in your leg frustrate you? You may be experiencing mild pain in your entire or some part of your leg. Your discomfort significantly hinders and limits you from carrying out your regular tasks at home or in the office. Your leg pain can even feel stabbing and burning at some point.

Massage therapy is a natural method for pain management. It is a conventional technique applied either relaxation and healing, and the mild pressure of the hands feels relaxing your sore muscles. It does not only make your legs feel better, but it also offers great health benefits that help reduce stress and anxiety.

The Source of Leg Pain

The discomfort in your legs can emanate from tense or inflamed legs, hips, and back to a herniated disk giving stimulating signals to your legs. Other common reasons are muscle overuse from strenuous physical activities, while poor body posture significantly affects the amount of stress your body can tolerate before giving in. Leg pain is commonly described as prickly and restless. As we age, our bones and muscles begin to wear and tear. Another leg pain can also be a result of minor accidents and an unhealthy lifestyle. Thus, physical therapy has remained to be the most accessible and efficient treatment, which can help patients of all ages.

The Benefits of Leg Pain Therapy

The therapy relieves the pain. Massage therapy is one of the techniques to relieve a painful leg. It reduces the tension all over the leg and improves the flow of blood. Pain therapy starts in small strokes that expand gradually. On the legs, it uses a soft round movement reaching the back of the knees.

The therapy relaxes the body. Many people may be doubtful of the instantaneous result of an ankle massage, which isn’t also limited to that area of the leg. Leg pain therapy can relax both your body and mind.

The therapy corrects postural alignment. Several studies have mentioned that regular leg massage therapy can correct the alignment of your body posture that helps lessen the severity of the pain.

Our leg pain therapy specialists are highly trained to diagnose and manage the symptoms of the pain in your legs. Every session begins with a thorough assessment of your conditions and needs. Then, the therapists conduct a postural evaluation to help spot the problem causing the discomfort in your legs. During the therapy, your therapist applies a wide range of techniques to rebuild the balance of your body. After the sessions, your therapist will train and ask you to do some exercises and stretching to efficiently improve the condition of your leg.

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Then the therapist will continue with the tailored massage while using their specific technique to alleviate any type of discomfort or pain that you presented. During your massage we apply the pressure we think necessary for what you are presenting. If at any time during the massage you feel discomfort please let the therapist know so they can adjust the pressure. Our goal is to have you leave with the best massage that you have ever had while alleviating the pain and discomfort that you have. You should never leave a massage facility feeling sore or in more pain than you came in with. If you are slightly sore that will be from a deep tissue or from addressing a specific body area that does need work. Book with us so we can get you on the road to recovery without having to take medication or go pay an expensive medical bill.

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