In Home Massage Therapy in Studio City

Have you ever had a special occasion where you don’t know what to give someone as a gift? We have had many customers call in during the holidays or when they have a special occasion asking us if we have gift cards. Our answer is always YES! In home massage therapy located in Studio City and Universal City has many gift cards to choose from and many different price ranges.

We have everything from person appreciation to birthday cards that you can attach with the massage purchased. Here is a list of the type of occasions for a massage:

  • Birthday massage
  • Anniversary massage
  • Person Appreciation massage
  • Graduation massage
  • Thank you massage
  • Congratulations massage 
  • Feel better massage (pain-related)
  • Honeymoon massage
  • Bridal massage

have to be any real occasion to make someone feel good. A massage will always be a very much appreciated gesture. It will show the person receiving it how much you care about them.

When thinking of a massage as a gift thinks of it as the best gift you can ever give someone. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Pain alleviation
  • Pain reducer 
  • Stress reducer 
  • Tension alleviation

Sometimes when a person gifts a massage they don’t really know that the receiving individual can sometimes be dealing with body discomfort that they might have never mentioned or have waited for it to go away but it doesn’t. That is when massage goes in and addresses those issues and the person receiving the massage will forever be grateful for the gift because they are not just getting a massage they are receiving a medical-massage.

Massage is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only are you giving them the best gift there is to give but you are also giving them the much-needed relief that their body needed. With gifting a massage you are giving the other person the ability to keep on going with their day to day activities without any pain and you are also giving them that much needed time break from their lives.

Massage Rx prides itself on being the best medical massage out there. We make sure that our clients are happy and stay healthy. We will always go above and beyond for our customers’ well being.  Not only do we provide massages but we also talk to our customers about exercises that they can do at home.

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