In Home Massage Therapy in Santa Monica

Los Angeles can sometimes feel like there is too much going on and you’re not alone. Millions of people everyday feel stressed when driving to and from work. With ridiculous traffic times and being hungry let me tell you it is not a good combo. With Los Angeles being notorious for having bad traffic and you sitting in your car for long periods of time this tenses up your body.

After a long day of work, I am sure that the last thing you want to do is drive. Well, we are here to help. Whether you book an In home massage therapy session is our Santa Monica area or North Hollywood area will come to you so you will not have to drive anywhere and stress about being in a car for long periods of time.

Getting an in home massage although you might not think of it but it does relieve stress. You won’t have to worry about finding the location, parking, or traffic. All you have to do is wait in your home for our therapist to arrive.

When getting an in home massage these are the following procedures that our therapist takes.

  • The therapist will arrive at your home with their Massage Rx logo on
  • They will introduce themselves 
  • Ask you where you would like for them to set up
  • Ask you a couple of questions as to what areas are you experiencing pain
  • They will then assess you
  • Step out of the area so you can comfortably get undressed
  • Ask you if you are ready
  • (being ready is being under the white massage sheet)
  • Commencing the massage
  • Ending the massage by asking you if you feel alright
  • Step out of the area so you can get dressed
  • Processing your final bill
  • Packing up equipment 
  • Leaving 

If in any case during your massage you feel pain please notify the therapist so they can proceed with caution. People getting massages should never feel in pain after getting a massage. That is why our therapist during the massage will ask you if you feel okay or if the pressure that is being applied is okay. We do know that there are some clients that like to feel a lot of pressure and that is okay just as long as our therapist is comfortable with applying extra pressure it should be okay. Just remember the goal of the massage is not to feel pain but to be pain alleviated.

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