In Home Massage Therapy in Encino

Pain is something that is debilitating and most people live with it a day today. Our in home massage therapy Encino and Los Angeles is here to help our clients feel less body pain through massage. Our goal for our clients is for them to get pain alleviation from their session. By booking an in home massage you avoid putting extra strain on your body. Avoiding movement when you are in pain is not the best way to live life. Massage Rx knows that when our clients are in pain and call us to alleviate their pain we go with every intention of alleviating it.

In home massage therapy when you are in pain is the best thing to do. Not only will it reduce the amount of pain you have but there are other benefits to it as well. The goal of a massage is to reduce pain by increasing disturbing the pain signals sent to the brain. During a massage, the skin and fingers create friction thus encouraging blood flow. This increases oxygen and nutrients which are carried within the blood flow.

Pain is something that can be managed but, only if you do it properly.

We teach our clients pain management so even after we leave they can feel their best. We do offer a membership for those people wanting to get a massage on a more regular basis. It is an 8-month long contract and we charge on a monthly basis. Once you have gotten charged for the month you will have a credit for that month that you can use whenever during the month. You can also roll over that credit and use it 2 months down the line. Another benefit that you get is the upgrade to have Quanta be used during your massage to help relax the muscle even more.

Included in your membership you will also get a packet that includes the membership certificate and other coupon discounts that you can give your family members and friends. Our Membership lasts only 8 month but many of our members don’t cancel it even after it has expired because they continue to see the benefits of getting a massage at least on a monthly basis. Our membership was designed so people wouldn’t forget to maintain their bodies and continue to book their monthly massage to get them back into shape. Booking with Massage Rx is the best thing that you will do for your body. 

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