In Home Massage Therapy in Eagle Rock

Pain is something that is very difficult to deal with especially if you have chronic pain and it’s an everyday occurrence. Well, we’re located at In home massage therapy Eagle Rock and Pasadena we are here to help you out. Pain is something that can completely debilitate you when there is a constant feeling. Our therapist knows that treating a client who is in pain is not always easy. Sometimes the massage itself can be uncomfortable but it should never create more pain than what you already have.

That is the biggest misconception about massages. If they hurt that means you got a good massage but if they don’t that means that it wasn’t good. Never after you are done with your session should you feel like you are in pain. You might feel like you are a little sore but that is something that the therapist will let you know from working on the area due to the pain that is already there. What you should feel is a soreness, not pain.

After you are done with your massage you should rest and let your body heal restrain yourself from

  • Exercising 
  • Heavy lifting 
  • Running 
  • Unnecessary excursion

You want your body to have time to heal from the therapist breaking down muscle tissue. Also, when you do get a massage your body is like a rubber band and doing unnecessary movements can actually injure you. So it is best that after a massage you just rest in your home and take it easy for the remainder of the day. 

During your massage our massage therapist will communicate with you to make sure that you are feeling well if at any point during your massage you feel uncomfortable you can always let our therapist know and they will adjust the massage to ensure that you feel comfortable. Our team is taught that during every session it is important to communicate with the client to make sure that they are well during the session.

We also recommend that our clients when booking let us know if they have come down with a cold or fell ill in any type of way. The reasoning being is because if a client comes in feeling unwell. Massage can potentially make the client feel worse and also might get our therapist sick. So if you feel like you are coming down with something please let us know prior to your booking so we can confirm if it is okay to get a massage.

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