In Home Massage Therapy in Calabasas

Posture correction is something that we don’t think about because we rarely hear it but everyone in the world has a problem with their posture. You are probably doing it right now as you are reading this and not even notice. A lot of our issues sometimes come from bad posture and our in home massage therapy Calabasas and Sherman Oaks are here to fix that.

Bad posture can bring a number of different pain-related issues. Awful stance can cause torment in parts of your body including your hips, shoulders, and neck, which can prompt strain cerebral pains. Your body arrangement underpins the heaviness of your different body parts, yet poor stance makes issues for that help. We never notice when we are having bad posture because we are so used to sitting, walking, or laying a certain way. 

Have you ever noticed that when you sit you tend to slouch? Well that is considered bad posture of course always sitting upright is uncomfortable but it is the best thing for us. Also, we are now in the time we’re looking down at your phone is something you do more of which is the worst thing for your neck.

You pass countless hours looking at your phone from the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep. This puts a lot of strain in your neck from your head looking down for several minutes. 

If you are reading this and you are young you are not going to feel this in a week or a few months from now but as you do this all the time year after year it is going to get worse. Whether that be looking down at your phone or slouching when you’re sitting. Good posture starts by first acknowledging that you have bad posture and start implementing good habits to replace all the bad ones. If you sit for long hours at your desk at work what you can do to aid your good posture is to put a lower back cushion to adjust the way that you sit in your office chair. It is a small change that will make a difference later.

There are many ways that bad posture can be avoided. If you just so happen to have pain from bad posture or just feeling tight because you sit for long periods of time. Massage Rx is here to help you out in your postural pain just give us a call.

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