Corporate Massage Therapy in Universal City

Do you ever wonder why certain staff members are calling out more frequently? Well it might just be because they need a mental break or because they are physically hurting and are not able to be sitting or standing at work for long periods of time. Of course when they call out they are not going to say that it is the reason why they are calling out. Why not avoid all of this together and call corporate massage therapy team in Located Universal City or Hollywood we will make sure that your staff continues to work.

When staff start to slow down efficiency you have to ask yourself what can I do to make this better. We for one you can ask them if they would like a lunch on the company or a massage and I guarantee you that most if not all of your staff will vote for massages why? You may ask and this is because although you don’t see the physical strain that they have. Your employees go home and feel the pain and mental strain that there is from working long hours.

You can help your workers by making them feel pain and stress free. Massage has helped many individuals with chronic pains and build up tension from stress. It is not the only thing we treat but there are also a number of things that people have that hinder their productivity whether that be at work or at home. For one when having lower back pain the person might not be able to stand for long periods of time or sit either. This is something that massage can definitely help out with.

When booking your appointment we will take down all the necessary information in order to book your event. We will need the following:

First and last name (point of contact)
Phone number
Parking instructions
Credit card information (credit card form will be sent to fill out)

All of this will be needed and when scheduling your booking please give us at least a 3 day advance notice to make sure that we will be able to accomodate the proper staff for your in office massages. We can accomodate any situation just as long as we know beforehand and it is not out of reach. All of our team members are professional and held to the highest standard for you can rest assured that a well done job will get done. If you have any questions or concerns please give us a call.

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