Corporate Massage Therapy in Century City

A company plays a critical role to keep their employees efficient and motivated at work. One incentive program that has been widely taken advantage of by many hard working individuals for the last years is corporate massage therapy.

Corporate Massage Therapy in Century City offers a therapeutic massage especially tailored for the on-site employees. Our massage therapy is dedicated to the corporate sectors and has been constantly progressing in the last few years. The rejuvenating therapy perfectly cools off the body and refreshes the mind that sets you in a good work mode.

What Happens During Corporate Massage Therapy?

The therapy is done in a comfortably designed chair with the employee fully-dressed. It doesn’t apply any cream or oil during this massage therapy. The therapist applies the technique with their hands and elbows to spark approximately a hundred pressure points on the highly exposed and used parts of the body.

Our on-site massage sessions in Century City and El Segundo work by preventing the buildup of muscle tension that is regularly moved while working at a desk. While the tension concentrated in the neck, shoulder, and back provides the client feeling stress-free.

What Are The Benefits Of Corporate Massage Therapy?

The massage therapy has a two-way benefit as it does not only serve the employee getting the massage but also the employer that has set the on-site session.

Reduce and Relieve Stress

Working regularly can cause a great deal of stress on the body. When an employee takes up a lot of time working at their desk, it can build tension in the neck and shoulders. A 15-30 massage can help relieve this stress and revitalize an exhausted employee.

Increase Employee Productivity

The amount of time an employee dedicated at work does not necessarily provide them the motivation and energy to accomplish their tasks. Improving the morale and satisfaction of your team plays a great part in the prosperity of the company.

Boost Immune System

The high rate of sick leave rate among employees is due to the weakening of their immune system from lack of sleep, poor body posture, and stress. Improving your employees’ immune system will build a healthier employee and a profitable company overall.

Our therapists are professionally trained as mobile massage practitioners certified by the industry accrediting body. They are dedicated to providing a comfortable and stress-free treatment session for you!

When it comes to corporate massage services, Corporate Massage Therapy Century City has several alternatives. Contact us and schedule your next corporate wellness event today!

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