Professional: Clinical massage therapy in Hollywood

When your body is in pain it’s never a good idea to leave it untreated thinking it will eventually go away. In some cases leaving your pain without proper treatment can end up unnecessarily presenting more problems. Our clinical massage therapy team in Hollywood and West Hollywood is here to help with your untreated pain. Our professional Massage Rx team will provide you with an assessment in order to treat your problem areas properly. Our professional staff has treated anything from acute pain like sciatic nerve pain to something as simple as tension headaches.

Our team is devoted to helping every client feel the best that they can through massage. Our therapist knows that every client is different and we cannot assume that every client will want the same technique. So that is why we tailor each individual massage to the client to make sure that their muscles, aches, and pains are mostly treated by the time they leave our clinic.

Massage Is not only to relieve aches and pains. We also use massage to reduce stress and tension that comes from living your everyday life. We know that sometimes life can be stressful and overbearing which leads to your body not feeling great. Although you are not doing any physical activity, stress and build up tension does take a toll on your body. In order to keep your stress and tension levels down. We encourage our clients to come in at least once every two weeks to keep your body from creating discomfort.

Massage Rx does offer regular massages, not just medical massages. Here are a couple of massages and other services that we offer:

  • Swedish Massage
  • Sports Massage 
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Cupping
  • SFMA Massage
  • Massage with Quanta balm

The type of massage that the therapist will provide depends on the type of pain problem that individual presents. Our therapist will not always use one of the massages listed above but,

what they will do instead is tailor the massage to the individual. The therapist will assess the person to see what range of motion they have and what are the areas that person is presenting the most pain in. Our Clinical Massage Therapy in West Hollywood team’s goal is to provide pain relief to every client that walks in through our doors. Of course, if a person comes in requesting a specific massage like the ones listed above the therapist will accommodate. We will always want our customers to leave satisfied and happy with the service we provide.

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