Ankle Pain Therapy in Los Angeles

Ankle pains hit when the fibers of the ligaments in your feet, which support the ankle, are injured or stretched. Ligaments on the lateral, or external part of the ankle are more injured most of the time than the ligaments in the middle, or internal part of the ankle. The severity of the sprained ankle will determine the amount of lapse time from physical activities and the type of rehabilitation for recovery. While the injury depends greatly, some typical treatment and rehabilitation procedures are appropriate for ankle sprains.

The pain at one side or both sides of the ankle include:

  • swelling, usually extensive, throughout the ankle joint
  • soft to touch the skin on your ankle
  • inability to bear weight or move the ankle
  • bruising or redness of the skin of the ankle
  • strange sound like a pop or snap in an extreme sprain

When these symptoms occur immediately or soon after bending or twisting your ankle, it is a sign that you have an ankle sprain. For accurate diagnosis and confirmation whether you have an ankle fracture or muscle strain, it is best to see a medical doctor immediately.

After the injury happens, ice may be applied to the ankle and the leg should be elevated above the level of the heart for around 20 minutes. After the cold compress, an elastic bandage should be applied to the ankle to provide compression to alleviate the swelling. The combination of rest, ice, compression, and elevation (R.I.C.E.) should be consistently done for a minimum of 48 hours.

Ankle Pain Therapy and Rehabilitation

The therapy for ankle pains involves restoring the range of motion, strengthening muscles in the ankle joint, and coordination exercises. Strengthening exercises such as calf press, toe raises, and the use of rubber tubing or a towel to curb side-to-side ankle movements should be performed. Balance exercises should also be incorporated. Some exercises such as tilt board, one-legged standing, and jumping rope can also improve coordination and balance after an injury. A consultation with a professional trainer or physical therapist may be required in order to design the right rehabilitation program for your ankle pain.

Some prevention measures against ankle sprains include the use of ankle braces and taping. A regular program of lower leg exercises for strength and stretching, as well as agility exercises, will also help reduce the risk of ankle pain.

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