Which massage to choose? Tips from the professionals.

When an inexperienced person decides to go to his first massage session and don’t know which technique to choose, the simple search in Google will shock him. Nowadays there is a wide variety of massage techniques, each of them is different and has its own recommendation for certain cases. You can find Swedish massage, Shiatsu, massage with hot stones and oils, different types of aromatherapy, and many more. This list is much longer. Which type of massage to choose and how to get the maximal effect of the procedure we are going to consider in this article. We have collected 11 tips from the professional massage therapists and hope you will find answers to your questions in our article. Let’s go!

Tip #1: Strengthen your immune system.

If you are afraid to go out in the autumn or in spring because you immediately catch an illness from other people, complete the massage course. It will strengthen your immune system by stimulation production of the white blood cells in your organism. You will be more protected from viruses even if being near the ill person.

Tip #2: Tell about your sensations.

Unfortunately, even the best masseuse isn’t a seer and can’t define which of his movements are the most pleasant for you. Don’t hesitate to tell what is good and what is very good for you during a session. Thus, you will be able to feel the great experience instead of just the normal one.

Tip #3: Tell about your problems.

If you have any problems with back, permanently feel the pain in its lower part or anywhere else, tell your therapist about this. He will be able to recommend you the suitable massage technique and choose the good massage parlor near you. And remember, the earlier you pay attention to such problem, the faster you will be able to get rid of it.

Tip #4: Massage for sound sleep.

The problem of trouble sleeping at night occurs more and more often nowadays. Stress at work, responsible decisions, and important contracts make us more nervous which result in problems with sleep. Massage sessions relax your body and calm mind, so after that, you can fall asleep much easier and sleep better.

Tip #5: Bring your favorite oil.

During the oil massage, it is very important to do it with the correctly chosen fragrance. If you don’t like the aroma, the overall effect of the procedure will be reduced greatly. So, if you have your favorite oil – bring it with you, if not – just tell the masseuse which fragrance do you like and which don’t.

Tip #6: Tell about your preferences.

Don’t hesitate to tell about your preferences during the massage session. Communication with your masseuse will help to get the desired result more quickly. Also, let the massage therapists know if you feel numbness and tingling during the procedure. Tell him about what you like and what don’t. It is your body and only you feel how will be better for it.

Tip #7: Consider Thai massage.

Thai massage technique is well known all over the globe and such popularity is fully justified. This massage strengthens the nervous system, makes you more flexible, and relieves tension in your body. Proper breathing is an important part of this technique, so you will get the recommendations from your therapist.

Tip #8: Massage to cope with the PMS

A lot of people suffer from pain and PMS each month. In this case, massage sessions will also help to overcome this problem. It is able to reduce the water retention, thereby reducing the body swelling. So, you will not only be able to wear your favorite pant during this period easily but also feel much less pain.

Tip #9: Water.

Water is the basis of life and we all know this. Speaking about the massage effectiveness, it should be mentioned that drinking lots of water will bring you an excellent result. Why? During each massage session, a great number of different toxins is released to your body and the faster your organism will flush them away, the better. Drinking water will speed up this process. Moreover, this will help your therapist to rub the lactic acid of your muscle tissue more easily.

Tip #10: Massage during the pregnancy.

All the specialists recommend completing the course of the massage sessions during the pregnancy period. However, you should take into account that the best effect from the massage you will get after the first trimester. Performing the procedure earlier may harm the fetus because of the toxins that are released during the massage session. So, wait at least twelve weeks and then, after the consultation with your doctor or professional masseuse, complete the course.

Tip #11: Therapeutic massage.

This type of the procedure is one of the most popular. Actually, it fits everyone as it lowers the stress level and can help to get rid of the headaches and the overall tension in the body. The effect of this massage is impressive because of the physical and psychological connection. People strongly believe in the effectiveness of the massage and it improves the result greatly.

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