Our body is good at letting us feel the needs of getting a massage and if only it could specifically tell us what type of massage therapy it would most benefit from. There are several types of massage therapy available.  Each of them has their unique techniques and distinct benefits. Some heal injuries and relieve muscle pains, while others provide relaxation and health benefits. It is advisable to treat ourselves to a good massage once in a while to nourish our body and soul. So choosing the right type of massage therapy is critical in order to obtain the appropriate treatment needed to get the results that last.

Deep tissue massage gives deeper layers of the tissues particularly reaching the knots in the muscles. This therapy is therapeutic that provides healing to muscle injuries and relieves persistent patterns of muscle tension. 

In a Swedish massage, therapists combine shorter, deeper strokes using light to moderate pressure on the neck, shoulders, upper and low back, and leg muscle. The method is designed to improve circulation by increasing oxygen flow in the blood, relieve muscles by flushing out toxins and provide relaxation by reducing physical and emotional stress.

While a chair massage is applied to knead parts of the body and ease knots and tension done over the clothes and do not use any oils or creams. It applies the combination of acupressure techniques avoiding the areas with severe injury aimed to relax the muscles and increase flexibility and movements of the body.

For a couple’s massage, partners get the therapy at the same time from different therapists with access to spa amenities such as showers, hot tubs, and lounging areas. It increases the feelings of intimacy and affection by releasing oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine in the body.  

These four types of massage therapy methods provide the options needed to get through chronic pains and recover from injuries. When planning to get massage therapy, check what type of massage a spa can provide. Complement the benefits you aim to get from the massage service. Consult with Massage Rx Los Angeles have worked with clients with the same goals to identify your treatment needs. There are several benefits to obtain from getting regular massage sessions. If you feel like you need a well deserved TLC, head to Massage Rx and ask to understand how each one works to choose the right treatment method for your needs.