Clinical Burbank Massage Therapy

The Massage Rx Studio is located in the heart of Burbank,CA.

We offer a professional clinical environment to help our clients feel comfortable while receiving a therapeutic massage to help with chronic pain relief, and injury rehabilitation.

After a thorough pre-massage intake where we discuss medical history and your health care providers recommendations, our skilled massage therapists will find the best method to speed up recovery and relieve your pain.

Chronic Pain Relief and Injury Rehabilitation

Everyone is entitled to a pain free life! Dealing with chronic pain, or pain resulting from an injury can be horrible.
The agony of being in constant pain not only affects the health of the body, but the wellness of the mind.

Massage Rx offers a wide variety of pain relief massage services for our clients suffering from:

Light kneading of muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons releasing tension.
Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome:
Deep pressure focusing on where the pain is most severe, usually around the joints.
Using postural correction to reduce stress on the spine and joints to balance the body.
Releasing stress built up in the neck and shoulders.
Neck Pain:
Using trigger point and postural correction for long term pain relieving effects
Deep tissue massage techniques relax muscles to relieve pressure on the nerves
Tendinitis and Bursitis:
Using Myofascial Release Therapy to relieve inflammation of affected tendons.
Muscle Spasms:
Neuromuscular Therapy uses alternating levels of pressure to alleviate pain and relax muscles.
Joints Dysfunctions:
Degenerative Disc Disease, and Hypermobility can be painful. By increasing circulation to provide essential nutrients to the joints, and releasing tension to improve mobility daily pain can be relieved.
Overuse Injuries:
Frozen Shoulder and Plantar Fasciitis can be treated with Trigger Point, or MAT stretching to increase mobility while releasing stiffness in the muscles.
Conditions of Central Nervous System:
Pain from Neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, and Spinal Cord Injuries can be alleviated with regular chronic pain massage

” Our certified
massage therapists
have only one goal in mind
and that is to help you on your
journey towards a life
with less pain and stress.”


Posture Correction

Poor posture can lead to pain and over time many other health problems. Neck pain, backaches, knee pain, headaches, and even chronic fatigue are all negative effects of weak posture. By correcting your postures,you will
  • Keep joints aligned properly, decreasing abnormal wear and tear
  • Prevent muscle fatigue and backaches
  • Increase energy levels with improved muscle efficiency
At Massage Rx our therapists are trained to use Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques, or MAT, to help correct your posture while making you aware of  bad posture habits you may not have even known you were doing.
Recovery Massage LA
Rehabilitating the body and mind through massage therapy is what we at Massage Rx do best!
Let us help you elevate your health and get you back to the peak of performance.
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