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Athletes of all levels know that training is meant to push you past your comfort zone, fine tuning the body to perform at the absolute best of its ability. An essential part of that process is maximizing the effectiveness of your recovery time. Sports Recovery can do just that! By using MAT stretching, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, and Postural Correction,  this type of therapy can optimize recovery time to help you get back in action.

Sports Recovery is in many ways a form of clinical, or Rx massage. This modality was designed to help prevent and speed up recovery of musculoskeletal injuries caused by too much physical activity. Originally intended for peak performance athletes, Sports Recovery is beneficial to anyone looking to increase their flexibility and reduce stress levels.

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Why You Need a Sports Recovery Massage?

In the office or on the playing field it is important to function at your peak performance.
Body work done by a skilled massage therapist can help you feel incredible so you can land that promotion, and score the game winning points.

The benefits of this modality include:

1. Enhanced Performance:
Using a combination of techniques we are able to optimize your warm-up and recovery, leaving you more time to dedicate to your mental and physical training.

2. Injury Prevention:
MAT stretching and relaxation techniques allow us to increase flexibility and prime your muscles for intense physical activity in order to decrease your chance of injury.

3. Sports Injury Recovery:
Injuries happen, with the use of Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, and Postural Correction we can help speed up your injury rehabilitation and get you back to peak performance.

4. DOMS Prevention:
Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness begins to develop usually within 24 hours after strenuous exercise and can be very painful after about 48 hours. By increasing circulation and lymph flow we can help prevent DOMS and muscle fatigue.

5. Everyday Pain Relief:
Pain for an athlete is never good news, and can lead to months of missed training. Sports Massage can help relieve pain from overtraining and chronic muscle tension to get you back in the gym.

6. Stress Reduction:
During the session your body will release neurotransmitters known as endorphins which help to decrease anxiety, elevate your mood, and enhance an overall state of wellbeing.

Functional and Therapeutic Body Work

Every one of our highly skilled therapists is certified and licensed,
with years of experience using massage therapy to help clients reach their ultimate health goals.
We conduct a thorough intake to customize each therapy session for your individual needs,
and even put together a detailed wellness program for aftercare.

Our goal is to elevate your health and wellness through massage therapy
so you can live life at peak performance!

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