Sports Cupping

Competition in today’s sport seems to have become harsher than ever. Athletes have to train harder to meet the ever rising benchmarks and this is taking a significant toll on their bodies and muscles. After practice sessions or competitions, athletes need to recover as quickly as they can, and almost all of them use massage therapy among other methods to do so.


What Is Sports Cupping?


Sports massage has been around for some time now and has become a regular thing among top athletes as well as gym goers, recreational runners and fitness enthusiasts nowadays. One of the massage therapy methods which have gained popularity is cupping massage. Initially, some people were left wondering when they saw round, bruised looking circles on the bodies of some Olympic athletes- most notable being Michael Phelps. Those marks were a consequence of cupping massage. Cupping massage helps with muscle and tissue recovery, alleviating joint pains, respiratory disorders and more.

What Happens During The Cupping Treatment?


Cupping is a decompressive technique, which means that cups gently pull tissues apart in order to make more space between layers of tissue. Our bodies are have of many layers; even our skin has a few layers. Beneath there is a myofascial layer, a fatty layer, a deeper layer of myofascia and a muscle layer. When stressed or injured, we get adhesions or areas become fixated, locked or cause inflammation in these tissues. Cupping helps to open up and heal these areas. Blood flow is brought to the cupped area and a decompressive pull happens inside. Cups are usually left for about several minutes to do their job. Cupping is often used with other types of massage therapies or treatments. Although it might seem painful, the treatment feels like a nice stretch, while muscles feel relaxed.


Who Can Perform Cupping Massage?

Cupping can be performed by a certified massage therapist. It is beneficial for all athletes and not only swimmers and gymnasts on who cupping marks were usually seen during the Olympics. Anyone can try cupping massage as it’s a natural way of letting the body heal itself. Top athletes around the world have used this method of sports massage, which definitely says a lot about its benefits. It might prove to have an excellent effect on your body!

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Cupping massage Los Angeles

Cupping massage Los AngelesCupping massage is a good solution to a multitude of diseases by the ancient Romans, Greeks and Chinese. It is also called “vacuum massage”, since during the placement of the can on the skin, a vacuum is created inside it and the blood circulation is significantly improved. Especially on the skin that is directly under the jar.

Cupping massage Los Angeles at with our specialists is a best option. It is possible to perform this massage at home, but it is unlikely that it can be performed on you. For this you need an assistant. In general, this procedure is simple and accessible to everyone. There are, however, a number of contraindications, which will be discussed below. Experts say that it has a reflex, thermochemical and vacuum effect on human tissue, curing many ailments. When exposed to la sports massage, a significant improvement in blood circulation occurs, and peripheral lymph circulation and skin respiration are also improved. Muscle tone increases, sputum more easily with bronchitis and pneumonia, the body’s defenses increase.

Sports cupping

Sports cupping decrease a tissue swelling, acceleration of lymphatic drainage from internal organs and removal of inflammatory processes in tissues. As a result of research by specialists, it was also determined that its use can cause, in the area of a bank, processes by which biologically active substances, enzymes, are produced. They stimulate metabolic and regenerative processes and remove toxins from the body. Health is not a matter of compromise. High-quality massage can improve blood circulation, increase the tone of the body, improve health and save you from unnecessary pain. Regular treatments will help restore health and improve well-being.

During the sports massage Los Angeles, the vacuum affects the skin receptors, this activates metabolic processes, body temperature rises, subcutaneous adipose tissue breaks down, adhesions are broken, perspiration and salt are strongly released, and skin processes are restored. The end result is weight reduction, the amount of fat deposits decreases, the “orange peel” disappears, and most importantly, the body is healed as a whole. True, for this you have to suffer, because canned massage causes significant pain and pinpoint reddening, but you should not be afraid of it – they quickly pass, leaving only a positive effect. The regularity of the procedures is the key to a positive medical effect.