Massage For Shoulder and Leg Pain

Shoulder pain can really affect your day to day operations. Shoulders are one of the most used muscles and are involved in everything from pulling and pushing to lifting and throwing. Any activity that involves arms or hands requires movement of shoulders. You need to move your shoulders even while doing something as simple as wearing a shirt or taking it off.

Shoulder Injury

Shoulders can get easily injured due to a collision while playing any sport, or by falling on your shoulder or because of an accident. They can also get hurt if your arm is hyperextended. Other injuries include a dislocated shoulder or rotator cuff injury.

Shoulder Pain

If you think that you do not play any sport so your shoulders will be safe, you are mistaken. Shoulder pain can also be caused by weak muscles, bad posture, and sudden intense activity. Working 5 days and overexerting yourself over the weekend can do you more harm than good. Something as simple as lying on one side for too long or sitting in one position for too long can also cause soreness or stiffness in neck and shoulders region.

Massage Therapy For Shoulders

Massage therapy for shoulders can help you if you are experiencing stiffness or lack of range of motion in shoulders. Bodywork helps the muscles in getting oxygen-rich nutrients with the help of increased supply of fresh blood. Swedish massage and deep tissue massage work great for providing relief from shoulder pain. You get relief when you rub your own neck when you are in pain, imagine a professional massage therapist working on your neck and shoulders and getting you rid of those adhesions with just the right amount of pressure.
Frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis is a condition that might take a year or two to heal on its own but the Swedish massage and Trigger Point Therapy can help in reduction of pain, and regular massage therapy can help in going through your daily routine with minimal or no pain.

Lower Extremity Pain Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is also great for any lower extremity pain or discomfort. Legs get tired of walking around, driving, or even by sitting for long hours at work. Massage therapy works best for relaxing tired and sore legs besides stretching the muscles. It helps in assisting lymphatic drainage besides reducing swelling in legs or ankles. Massage therapy is also one of the best ways to get rid of muscle cramps and spasms. It helps in lengthening the muscles and strengthening the muscle fibers. Massage Therapy can also help in protecting the joints.
It is a good idea to try pre or post workout sports massage to train safely and ensure that your muscles do not get overly sore or injured.

Massage Rx For Various Massage Modalities
Massage Rx has the best mobile massage therapists in Los Angeles area. We have certified and experienced massage therapists who are expert in various massage modalities. We offer everything from Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, cupping therapy, myofascial release, trigger point therapy and more.

Our specialists can assist you in choosing the right massage for yourself if you are not sure that which massage will suit your needs. Please contact us for more information.

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Shoulder massage Los Angeles

Shoulder massage Los AngelesMassage for shoulder pain has a positive effect on the body. Special attention should be paid to the impact on the area of the hands, but rather to the blood supply. The subclavian artery supplies the tissues of the hands with oxygen. Shoulder massage Los Angeles activates this supply, improving metabolic processes. To help the body get enough oxygen, a special massage technique is performed in the area of the shoulders and neck. High-quality massage allows you to avoid more in the body and remove inflammation from certain areas of muscle tissue.

This type of massage for shoulder pain is performed with various symptoms, and in particular:

  • Long work at the computer, when pain occurs with fatigue;
  • Muscle fatigue after prolonged physical exertion;
  • Injuries of muscles, bones;
  • Vascular disease.

Do not tolerate pain and ignore various problems in the body. Timely prophylaxis with massage can improve the general condition of the body and reduce the pain threshold from various physiological problems. Just one massage and you will feel a great relief and ease throughout the body. Do not deny yourself basic needs. Order a massage and you will feel the improvement of the body and a surge of strength.

Massage for shoulder pain

Massage for shoulder painThanks to the shoulder and shoulder massage, you can relieve muscle tension and relax after a hard day’s work. After carefully studying the technique and basic techniques of shoulder massage Los Angeles, you can perform it for your loved one. Shoulder massage helps to improve blood circulation, relaxes and relieves muscle tension, improves skin tone and color. Due to enhanced blood supply, tissues are saturated with oxygen, their torpidity improves. Work of sebaceous and sweat glands are normalized.

Our center specialists have many years of experience and can help clients with any physiological problems. An integrated approach to each Patient allows you to improve the client’s well-being, improve muscle tone, activate the immune processes in the body and improve your well-being after the first sessions.

It is used in addition to diets, weight loss and special physical exertion on this area. Together with an integrated approach, you can achieve muscle and skin tightening, reduction in volume and elimination of axillary folds. A positive effect on the musculoskeletal system, by strengthening the muscles, ensuring the flow of a sufficient amount of blood with oxygen, suspends the thinning of muscle tissue.