It has been proven that getting a massage provides several health benefits, and the same holds true when you take it as a couple. During a couple massage, each partner enjoys a full body massage from their masseuse simultaneously. You can both experience the healing and rejuvenating treatment, with the added feature of enjoying a shared experience. In many ways, a relationship may also benefit from a couple massage.


When you book a couple massage, you give a space in the day when you and your partners get to escape from the stresses that create the need for a massage. If a couple massage is a new experience, it may give a feeling of adventure and excitement, and of creating happy memories together. As your muscles give in to the relaxing full-body experience, the shared sessions create a common spirit you may take with you, through the rest of your day and week.


Every partner goes through both the highs and lows in their relationship and the pile of stresses from conflicts within the relationship can result in both of you feeling frustrated and distant. During the massage session, the feelings trapped within the affected muscles may be gently stretched and massaged, helping adjust the couple to an emotional reset. You both may leave feeling more peaceful, and able to hear and take each other once again.


A therapeutic massage may relieve each partner’s muscle tension. The technique of balancing the muscles may spark a physical reconnection. While the aim of a couple massage is on healing and releasing the pressures, taking simultaneous massage therapies inspire a feeling of mutual understanding and physical intimacy. You will both feel more comfortable and more open towards each other, setting the perfect mood to go on your date with a romantic meal together or any shared interests that spark your emotional and physical closeness.

While the benefits of a couple massage greatly depend on the shared experience, the remarkable benefits that associate with individual massage therapy are also reaped such as in sports physical therapy or manual physical therapy. A therapeutic massage improves blood circulation, boosts the immune system, relieves strained muscles, and promotes healing and relaxation. These things help improve overall health that may be felt for days or weeks afterward like the expectant mother after taking the prenatal massage therapy. When people in a relationship are physically and emotionally healthy, the relationship itself becomes stronger over time.

Couple Massage Therapy in Los Angeles provides regular full body massage treatments, including Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, aromatherapy, and many more. If you want to take pleasure and relaxation that comes with a couple massage, call one of our expert therapists and we will be glad to walk you through your options.