Professional advice. Necessary or not?

We all ask for advice when we need help. And most often we go to our close friends or relatives instead of professional specialists. Is it a good decision and how it could end up we will discuss in this article.

I am a massage therapist for more than twenty-five years and for this term I have seen a lot of cases. Some of them were funny, others – serious but where to refer this one I even don’t know.

One day a young sportsman entered my cabinet and complained of a serious ankle injury. Because of the strange smell that enveloped him like a cloud, I doubted his sobriety and asked whether he is drunk. His answer or rather his unbelievable story shocked me and I decided to tell it to you.

The guy was a professional athlete and actually, he was used to different injuries. But one day his friend advised him a new “super method” of how to heal the muscle, tendon or ligament injury up to three times faster than always. The method was simple as all ingenious – each time after getting an injury he should apply Vodka, whiskey or other alcohol to it.

The “specialist” who gave him such tip, of course, didn’t know that for getting the result he should apply not the drinking alcohol but the rubbing one… So, what has happened? First of all, smell. The smell of the strong alcohol has pursued him wherever he goes. The athlete’s wife didn’t want even to touch him because of it, while other people were trying to stay away from him. But the expected result was too tempting to stop this.

The end of this story is obvious – sportsman has ended up in the massage cabinet with the strong alcohol smell and with even worse situation than he had at the very beginning.

This situation may seem funny but actually, it isn’t. This method does work but only if you apply the rubbing alcohol. Yes, the result will come much faster and the healing comes in a much shorter period of time.

What is the moral of this story? Having friends is great. Having smart friends – even better. But nevertheless, regardless of the level of “professionalism” of your friends, it is ALWAYS better to get qualified help. Ask the specialists about your particular case, get professional advice and only after this start your treatment. Only in such case, the expected and actual results will be the same.

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