Growing a small human inside your body is hard work! Expectant Mothers put their bodies through an incredible amount of pain and discomfort to bring a new life into the world. Your feet begin to swell, lower back pain sets in, and stress levels rise as the joyous day approaches.

Prenatal Massage can help soothe sore, achy muscles and joints while also relaxing the body during your pregnancy. It is very similar to body work  you have had before, the difference is your certified therapist will make adjustments to ensure the comfort and safety of both mom and baby!

We understand this is a sensitive and beautiful time in your life. Our team of professional therapists are all certified to perform prenatal massage and are dedicated to giving you and your baby the best experience possible.

Pregnant woman lying on her side, getting a massage from a Massage Rx LA masseuse
Benefits of Prenatal Therapy

Your massage therapist will use modified Swedish techniques to gently release muscle tension
while improving circulation and lymph flow with long gliding strokes.

Every Prenatal session is customized to the needs of each expectant Mother resulting in a unique experience for everyone.
You can expect regular Prenatal Massage to help:

Reduce Stress:
With so much on your mind, the stress of life and the pregnancy can manifest physically. Swedish techniques are used to relax the body and mind, allowing for increased cognitive response.

Relieve Joint and Muscle Discomfort:
Light kneading is used on joints and muscles to relieve any uncomfortable pain during your pregnancy.

Improve Quality of Sleep:
Expectant Mothers often have trouble sleeping due to the worries and physical discomfort commonly associated with pregnancy. Studies have shown that Moms who received regular Prenatal Body Therapy slept better through the night.

Hormone Stabilization:
Massage can decrease the production of the stress hormone cortisol, and increase endorphins within the body to help elevate your mood. Happy Mom, happy baby.

Relieve Nerve Pain:
The displacement of the hips because of the baby can result in added pressure to the Sciatic Nerve causing shooting pains in the lower back and legs. Gentle pressure is applied to release the tension on the nerve to alleviate the pain.

Soothe Heartburn:
By relaxing the nervous system and relieving abdominal pressure, regular therapy can help counteract the constant heartburn during pregnancy.

Improve Circulation:
Swedish techniques are used to open up blood vessels and increase lymph flow throughout the body. Meaning more oxygen and nutrients for your baby.

Alleviate Lower Back Pain:
Increased circulation and gentle kneading massage helps to loosen stiff muscles, releasing the tension formed by your adjusted posture during pregnancy.

Reduce Swelling:
Swelling in the hands, ankles, and feet can begin to manifest during pregnancy. The improved circulation will help stimulate your soft tissue reducing the collection of fluid in swollen joints.

What Should You Expect During Prenatal Body Work?

During your Prenatal appointment your Massage Rx therapist will take extra care to ensure your comfort. Starting in the Second Trimester your therapist will position you in 2 different ways to accommodate your baby bump and ensure proper body alignment.

Closeup of pregnant woman getting a stomach massage from a Massage Rx LA employee

A. Laying on your back using firm pillows (or wedges) to elevate your back and legs, when working on neck and shoulder areas.

B. Laying on your side supported by a full body pillow or a small pillow placed between your knees depending on your comfort level. This allows your Prenatal Massage Therapist to work on your back without any stress on the abdomen and baby.

When Should You Start Prenatal Therapy?

It is recommended to not start regular Prenatal body work until you have entered your Second Trimester when the risk of complications is much lower. The Prenatal modality should only be performed by a licensed therapist who is state certified in prenatal body work, just like a Massage RX therapist.

Pregnant woman on couch rubbing her foot - Massage Rx LA

We put your health and safety above all else.

This is why we strongly advise speaking with your healthcare provider, or midwife, before beginning your Prenatal Massage if you have any of the following conditions:

  • High risk pregnancy
  • Pregnancy Induced Hypertension, or PIH
  • Preeclampsia
  • Severe swelling, migraines, or high blood pressure
Functional and Therapeutic Body Work

Every one of our highly skilled therapists is certified and licensed,
with years of experience using massage therapy to help clients reach their ultimate health goals.
We conduct a thorough intake to customize each therapy session for your individual needs,
and even put together a detailed wellness program for aftercare.

Our goal is to elevate your health and wellness through massage therapy
so you can be the best Mom possible!

Do not  wait any longer !

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