Most people will be troubled by neck pain at some point in their lives. According to the mayo clinic, neck muscles can be caused by poor posture, certain diseases like Osteoarthritis, result in an injury, or other conditions. 

Here are the following most common types of neck pain:

Muscle Pain. Aching or sore in the neck and shoulder muscles may occur due to overexertion or prolonged physical or emotional stress. 

Muscle Spasm. It is a sudden, powerful tightening of neck muscles. You may experience a painful, stiff neck, and it is impossible to turn your head. It may result from a muscle injury but can also occur from spinal disc or nerve problem, or even stress.

Head Pain. Neck-related head pains are most often felt in the back of the head and upper neck. It is usually the result of muscle tension or spasm and may feel dull or aching rather than sharp. The neck might also feel stiff or tender, and moving the neck makes it worse.

Facet Joint Pain. Defined as a deep or sharp pain in the facet joints. It typically worsens if you lean your head toward the affected side.

Nerve Pain. Irritation or pinching on the spinal nerves causes pain that could feel sharpness, fleeting, or severe. Depending on the nerve affected, the pain may affect the arm or even the hand.

Referred Pain. Referred pain is discomfort in one part of the body triggered by a problem in another part of the body. 

Bone Pain. Pain and tenderness in cervical vertebrae are way far common than neck pain in the soft tissues. Bone pain needs medical attention because it may indicate a more serious health problem. 

Prevention Tips

  • Good posture
  • Take frequent breaks
  • Adjust your desk, chair, and screen
  • Avoid or quit smoking
  • Avoid carrying bags with straps over the shoulder
  • Avoid tucking the phone between your ear and shoulder while talking
  • Always sleep in a good position

There are many things you and your doctor can do to manage and alleviate the pain, including self-help techniques, pain-reliever medications, and physical therapy. When in need of reliable and effective manual physical therapy for your neck pain, give our highly experienced therapist at Massage Rx a call! Have peace of mind knowing that we have the experience and expertise in administering this kind of therapy treatment.

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