According to a survey carried out by the American Massage Therapy Association, approximately 9 million people over age 55 had an overall of 39 million massages in the last twelve months, mainly for medical purposes. Massage therapy for senior citizens can be an efficient, non-invasive way to reduce some of the signs and symptoms of many age-related problems, mainly when praising conventional medicine solutions. With regular massage, seniors can experience an improved lifestyle, increased energy levels, and feel more youthful and healthier in general.

Massage treatment provides various benefits to the entire body. It helps reduce joint and muscle pain and decrease the high degrees of tension that tend ahead with aging. The massage methods used for seniors consist of lighter, mild brushing, kneading, and applying pressure to specific body parts. Even the mildest massage has confirmed impacts on the nerves and blood circulation, two of the most susceptible systems of the body that feel the effects of aging.

A regular massage for a senior typically entails a short session lasting around thirty mins. Relaxing hand motions enhance blood circulation, especially in diabetic feet, and ease muscle stress while relaxing the mind and body.

Just How Massage Therapy Benefits Seniors

Beyond the noticeable visual benefits like relaxation, healing massage has been revealed to decrease tension in the body and minimize the unfavorable results of anxiousness, depression, and digestive disorders.

Studies of the benefits of massage show that it is an efficient treatment for lowering stress and anxiety, pain, and muscle stress.

The benefits of massage therapy are broadly varying. Massage is a flexible therapy that enhances blood circulation to the limbs to support the body’s immune and nervous systems.

From stroke recovery to boosting equilibrium, the benefits of massage treatment for seniors are relatively limitless. Yet, since our articles can’t be endless, we’ve shortened the primary benefits right into a very determined checklist often.

Top 10 Benefits of Massage Therapy for Senior Adults

  1. Boosts blood flow to limbs – Increasing circulation is one of the most vital benefits for senior citizens. Good blood circulation can become increasingly difficult as we age, as well as massage treatment helps the circulation of the blood right into the arm or legs.
  2. Enhances balance and motion – Falling is regularly detailed as one of the leading concerns for seniors, as our bones tend to become extra sick as we grow older. As a result of massage’s ability to boost blood circulation to the arm or legs, it improves proprioception, or the sense of the relative setting of body parts, increasing our equilibrium and reducing our chances of falling.
  3. Softens hard muscle mass and cells – As we age, we typically become less active, so our muscles harden and become tighter. Massage helps soften muscular tissues by enhancing blood flow to the areas and ultimately lowering overall muscle stress.
  4. Producing feelings of caring and comfort – Some people enjoy massage since it can create caring and harmony. Many senior citizens are touch-deprived due to losing a partner or companion. The touch of massage truly assists them in loosening up.
  5. Boosts the nervous system – Massage therapy releases endorphins, hormones, and natural chemicals that are advantageous for the nervous system’s performance. The study has consistently sustained that claim, demonstrating how therapeutic massage helps generate hormones that substantially benefit the body, including serotonin and dopamine (the hormonal happiness agent).
  6. Relieves stroke recovery – Bed rest is suggested for up to 48 hours after a stroke for fear of causing another. Senior citizens are advised to stand up and move once again. A significant help to this is massage therapy since it promotes influenced areas, concentrating on anything that may be paralytic.
  7. Increase body flexibility – As our aging muscles tighten because of inactivity, it’s vital to assist them in loosening up. Massage treatment softens up tight muscles and joints, enabling a more extensive range of movement in the tasks of daily living.
  8. Enhances sleep – The relaxation benefit of massage expands well beyond the massage table. Therapeutic massage has assisted some people with mental deterioration in rest through the night when they otherwise would not.
  9. Immune support – People who get massage therapies are sick far less than people that don’t. Massage releases a lot of toxins and significantly supports the immune system’s performance.”
  10. Relieves arthritic pain – Massage isn’t ever likely to treat joint inflammation. Yet it helps to soothe the burning conditions. Concentrating on enhanced blood flow to the joints and warming up impacted areas has shown benefits of suffering relief for those enduring arthritis.

What Massage Best For Seniors

Older people are vulnerable to age-related diseases that restrict their physical capabilities and trigger poor circulation. Geriatric massage can help some people reclaim particular physical characteristics and movement. Additionally, several senior citizens are lonely, anxious, or clinically depressed, and also geriatric massage can give convenience to touch-deprived elderly clients and improve their quality of life. Various other benefits of senior citizen massage consist of:

  • Speeding recovery from injury or health problem
  • Enhancing the length and also top quality of sleep
  • Easing anxiousness and also boosting sensorimotor functions after a stroke
  • Reducing the physical signs of frustration (e.g., pacing, roaming, standing up to) in people living with Alzheimer’s
  • Improving lymphatic circulation, which raises the discharging of toxic compounds from the body
  • There is also some proof that senior citizen massage can impact memory. Repeated touch can help the elderly – especially those with Alzheimer’s – retain somebody’s memory, triggering the recall of other memories.

Seniors massage can enhance your mood, anxiety, pain, and more. As you age, your body needs various treatments, and also a massage specialist will check your health needs before your massage.

A geriatric massage may be much shorter than a typical massage and use unique manipulations certain to your health and wellness history and existing requirements.

Massage treatment is not covered by Medicare Components A and B, so you’ll likely need to pay out of pocket for these services.

How Often The Seniors Should Do Massage

With regular massage, seniors can experience a better quality of life, enhanced energy levels, and feel more youthful and healthier. Massage treatment gives various benefits to the entire body. It assists in alleviating joint and also muscle pain and can even decrease the enhanced degrees of stress and anxiety that have a tendency ahead with aging.

You can get scratched as well regularly. In between you and your therapist, you’ll have the ability to figure out the very best regularity because your body’s response is a massive part of this determination.


The benefits of geriatric massage are many. Massage does the typical for seniors by urging circulation, lowering muscular rigidity, and helping to reduce inflammation that might rest in the joints. Nevertheless, it also deals with so many of the standard conditions that arise with age – such as muscular rigidity, joint inflammation, skin discoloration, muscle and also bone degeneration, tendonitis, bursitis, as well as respiratory troubles such as bronchial asthma and also emphysema.

Moreover, the benefits of taking pleasure in the easy satisfaction of human touch and company for just a short period are priceless for several lonely and clinically depressed seniors. Careful massage can help provide older adults with symptomatic relief and allow elders to extend the vitality in their lives.