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Body Rehab & Rejuvenation Program 60 min (Buy 9 Get 1 Free + CBD Muscle Rub)

The Rehab & Rejuvenation Program primarily the application of a specific treatment targeted at a specific problem(s) the patient presents. After our therapist with a diagnosis. They are administered after a thorough assessment/evaluation by the professional medical massage therapist through a specific test. This Is Long Goal Relationship between our clients and massage therapist. The client can choose all different massage modalities and massage therapist. The Price $888.

Packages Benefits:
  1. Safe up to $147
  2. Free CBD Muscle Rub
  3. Second Booking W/O Credit Card
  4. Chronic Pain Focus
  5. No Contract
  6. Free Check & Correct Program
  7. Reduces and prevents injury
  8. Reduced heart rate
  9. Reduces stress hormones
  10. Muscle elasticity
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Sports recovery massage

Sports recovery massageTraditional restorative sports massage is an opportunity to regain strength and remove fatigue after playing sports. It is also used in the intervals between training processes or performances, it will help reduce stress on the muscles and quickly regain the recently spent strength. Many people often need massage as a means of support after various injuries or illnesses. Many people need car accidents recovery massage.

Sports recovery massage is popular with professional athletes, because it completely renews the physiological form, relieves fatigue and, of course, improves the state of human health. The result of a sports massage – increases efficiency, improves sleep and appetite, removes cellulite, overweight. Sports injuries massage LA allows a person to completely relax, and therefore, the positive results from him will be 100%. Regular massages can help restore the body after various injuries and incidents.

This technique does not accept sharp and even more painful techniques. Shocks, chopping or beating can lead to excessive excitation of the central nervous system, excessively increase arterial and venous blood pressure, eventually, and aggravate the course of the diagnosed disease. Therefore, during peak performance massage, such techniques as kneading, rubbing, vibration and stroking are used. Local massage efforts are directed to a specific area (for fractures, deformities, and stagnations).

Car accidents recovery

Car accidents recovery

It is common when a peak performance massage Los Angeles is performed (sports and recovery type).  In the latter version, a strict sequence of techniques is observed. First, the master is engaged in the back and goes down to the back of the thighs (if necessary to the calves). This type of massage maximally improves the recovery function of the body after various injuries and incidents. Due to the point effect on the damaged areas of the body, it is possible to restore the elasticity of the tissues and joints. The effectiveness of the massage has been proven by thousands of patients.

You can order a recovery massage right now at our medical massage center. We work exclusively professionals, so the quality of the services provided is guaranteed. The advantage of contacting our salon is that by ordering sports injuries massage; you can choose the most convenient place for it. Optionally, you can choose to visit the massage salon, go to the master’s home or invite him to your place.