Massage Rx Membership.

Enjoy the benefits and saving of making a commitment to your body with a monthly membership. This Massage is based on your needs and preferences. Please discuss what your needs are during the assessment with the therapist in order to get the best therapeutic results out of your massage.

Benefits of Membership.

➢ Share your membership with other family member or friends.
➢ SAVE 20% on additional services each month.
➢ Member-Only discounts on retail and gift purchases.
➢ Get free Check and Correct Program.
➣ Muscle Rub Upgrade ($15 value)

How to Become Massage Rx Member?

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OPTION ONE: Fill The Form Online. 1. Download PDF 2. Open PDF With Adobe Reader 3. Use Fill & Sign Form
4. Email Filled Out PDF Too Click Here Massage Rx Membership form
OPTION TWO: 1. Download 2. Print 3. Fill & Sign 4. Hand Over To Massage Therapist Massage Rx Membership form
OPTION THREE: 1.Ask Your Massage Therapist For Hard Copy Contract. 2.Fill & Sign.
OPTION FOUR: 1. Call Us 626-768-3969 And We Do This For You. 2. We Collect Your Signature On Your Next Visit.

*We offer our mobile and home massage services to your home, your workplace, hotel, or any desired location. Please visit our clinic located in Burbank, California. We service Los Angeles and surrounding areas. You can conveniently book online or call to speak with a representative who can answer any questions you may have.

Receive $15 off
your first mobile massage
60 MIN
90 MIN
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Massage Rx Los Angeles

Body Tonic Massage Los AngelesThe modern pace of life imposes its imprints on the state of the human body. We get tired and lose muscle tone. It is very difficult to feel good during hard work. A pleasant and relaxing body tonic massage allows not only toning up your muscles and relieving tension, to improve blood circulation and well-being of each person. Tonic massage is a perfect option to feel better after a hard working day. It is pleasant, relaxes the body, makes you healthier and happier every day.

Professional fibromyalgia massage relieves pain and muscle tension, as well as improves internal blood flow. After the sessions of the Swedish massage, the body begins to restore the immune system and reduces various muscle inflammations. Every client can feel better after the first session. The benefits of a toning massage are that your body receives the necessary dose of relaxation. Improvement of health and the body occurs gradually. A mechanism of energy storage and increased immunity is developed.

Massage Los Angeles: best LA offer

This type of massage offers the following benefits:

  • Increase the body tone;
  • Rapid muscle recovery;
  • Stress relief;
  • Increased body flexibility;
  • Relieving pain symptoms and preventing muscle inflammation;
  • Boosting the immune system;
  • Reduced stress levels.

Headache massage

Headache massageOne of the advantages of our headache massage is the possibility of prompt departure to your home or office. Necessary procedures can be carried out in any place convenient for you. You can also massage in our comfortable office, which is equipped with all the necessary devices to provide the highest quality services to any client. All specialists in our center have professional qualifications and are able to produce the highest quality procedures that benefit your body. Do not ignore problems with the body. Timely procedural sessions can help you feel relieved today.

Each client can count on professional advice and an individual approach when drawing up a plan of procedures. You can call us and discuss all the details with our experts. We guarantee the result after the first scoliosis massage sessions. Thanks to the professional activities of our specialists, many people can feel better and allow them to feel much better. A qualitative solution of the problem will allow you to change the well-being of any person and prevent the negative impact of the environment and way of life on your well-being.