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Massage Rx

✔ Professional Massage Therapist ✔ Body Assessment ✔ Medico provide linen ✔ Premium Oil and Lotion.



Mobile Massage
60 min
$ 87
$ 127
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$ 127
$ 167

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✔ Share your membership Credit with family member Or friend. ✔ Member-Only discounts on retail and Gift Certificate purchases. (20% saving) ✔ Free Access to Check and Correct Program. ✔ Muscle Rub Upgrade ($15 value)



Our Commitment To You

✔ If any of our therapists is more than 30 min late, your massage is on us.
✔We use only top quality oil/ creme.
✔10 min rule - If the pressure or the style of massage does not match your expectations, simply stop the massage and you won’t be expected to pay for your massage. For mobile massage, you will only be charged a delivery fee of $35.
✔Sheets that have been professionally cleaned for every massage.

✔ Our therapists are required to undergo continuing massage education to serve you best.
Every therapist knows multiple massage techniques.
✔All of our therapists are licensed and insured as required by State Law.
✔ Get a complimentary 30 min personal massage when you book a corporate massage for your team.

Medico provides linen and laundry services to healthcare and wellness professionals of all kinds. Medical Linens that are clean, fresh, and up to all quality regulations and standards. They provide Massager RX with the highest quality lines through innovative, unique and distinctive business practices.


This rub was created using Quantum Physics and the Healing powers of C B D and Turmaric. When incorporated with your massage it will create an impressive long lasting effect. Humans are bioelectric beings. This means our bodies use electric currents to do just about everything.

About Us.
Massage Rx is a professional mobile, corporate, and clinical massage company serving the greater Los Angeles area, we Massage Rx pride ourselves in providing the highest-quality of care, products, and service to our customers. We are a network of licensed massage therapists who are qualified to meet your needs, goals, and expectations during every visit. We offer a variety of services from relaxation massage to a deeply therapeutic clinical massage. We understand lifestyles can be diverse and our therapists are available to help you feel revitalized with a greater sense of well-being and purpose. We also educate our clients with rehabilitative exercises and offer sport taping to assist in facilitated healing.

Whether you need mobile massage in Los Angeles for ongoing maintenance, or pain and injury we are here to assist you. Each massage therapy program is designed to provide relief to clients and help them live pain free. Our mobile massage therapists are trained in Fascia Work, Deep tissue massage, Trigger Point Therapy, PNF Stretching, and Active Releases.

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Burbank, CA - Studio/Mobile/Corporate
101 W Alameda Ave Burbank, CA 91502 - (818) 581-6069

West Hollywood, CA - Mobile/ Corporate
Los Angeles, CA 90048 - (323) 825-3765

Santa Monica, CA - Mobile/Corporate
Santa Monica, CA 90405 - (424) 351-6398

Pasadena, CA - Mobile Service
Pasadena, CA 91107 - (626) 275-2945

Calabasas, CA - Mobile Service
Calabasas, CA 91302 - (323) 851-1828

Malibu, CA - Mobile Service
Malibu, CA 90265 - (424) 257-5002

Studio City, CA - Mobile Service
Studio City, CA 91604 - (323) 546-0888

Pacific Palisades, CA - Mobile Service
Pacific Palisades, CA 90027 - (323) 417-7557

Beverly Hills, CA - Mobile Service
Beverly Hills, CA 9021 - (626) 768-3969

Studio/Home/Corporate Massage

Let me walk you through what massage Rx is and who we are: Rx means prescription, which must be used regularly for optimum effects. In fitness, it means maximum movement with maximum resistance. At Massage Rx, we are focused on supporting those who want to better themselves in all senses, beginning with their health. You work hard each day to reach your goals and desires, but in order to reach them and to be in a constant improving mode. Sometimes you get tired and frustrated, physically and mentally. This is where you need smart recovery and balance. And that’s what we can provide for you. If you are trying to be better than the person you were yesterday, you have found the right service! You can visit us at our studio location, or, for your convenience, we can come to you. We can work with you individually, or in a group setting, along with your work team. We help you balance your body as you balance your life!

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Meet Our Therapists
Massage RX
Laura Oncer License: CA #76473

I am Licensed massage therapist with over 14 years of professional experience specializing in deep tissue, trigger point, sport, prenatal, Swedish massage, myofascial release, cupping. I have attended multiple massage schools in the USA and abroad. I believe in healing power of bodywork. It gives me great pleasure to see my clients get better as a result of receiving regular massage therapy on a consistent basis. I am passionate about my career and looking forward for each and every therapeutic session.

Massage RX
Cara Manuele License: CA #74869

I am Cara and I am excited to be a part of your healing experience. I am a Neuromuscular Therapist, which means I deal with chronic pain. Some examples would be TMJ disorders, Rotator Cuff issues, Migraines, Whiplash and even just the muscles that are over-used from a repetitive way of life. I am also a Reiki Master which means I help unblock energy that can be stuck and manifest itself as muscle pain. I like to infuse this into some of my sessions. I look forward to help you on your way to feeling better.

Massage RX
Michael Caceres License: CA #61453

Michael has been a massage therapist for 6 years he's worked on thousands of backs from all across the world he's very efficient with deep tissue, trigger point,stretching. He was also an athlete in high school, he played football and wrestled so he's very familiar on how the body moves and understand the njuries from Sports. Michael continues to educate himself, recently in October Michael attended a Seminar by the great Paul Kelly who is a Myoskeletal alignment Specialist. At this event, Michael learned body reading, where true tension lives in the body, and how to align the hips and pelvis to help with any lower back, Knee and neck pain.

Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews
Carolyn W.Carolyn W.Los Altos, CA
I had a regular massage guy who I used to go to, but he ended up moving up to San Francisco, so I've gone without a massage for almost a year. I came into Massage Rx with lower back pain and tight shoulders. After my session, the lower back pain has been significantly reduced, to the point where I really don't notice it!
Mel D.Mel D.Glendale, Los Angeles, CA
I have been training hard for the last 6 months. My body was extremely fatigued and I needed a professional massage. I checked through Yelp and found Jay through Massage RX. His rate and reviews are far better than anyone here on Yelp.
Jeff W.Jeff W.Los Angeles, CA
I have been suffering from a lot of back pain and a pain that ran from my back through my butt into my leg. It was awful. I could barely get out of my car or tie my shoes. One session with Jay and I feel great. He was telling me about issues that I had before I even told him what they were. This guy is legit! Thanks so much Jay!
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 3 reviews

My best massage experience

Best mobile massage company I have worked with since I moved to LA.

I have been working with Mike C. He has really Helped me recovery with My lower back issues. He focuses on Aligning the pelvis and my back has been doing great ever since.

Awesome Massage Team

Its a wonderful experience with these guys.

21st- Century Massage in Los Angeles. A professional massage at home in Los Angeles is very popular. It is convenient for many clients, as there is no need to go to the clinic and spend a lot of time and efforts.

This procedure can be both for the full body and for its certain parts, for example, the back. 21st- century massage means that the mobile massage therapist comes to your place thereby saving your time greatly. However, it isn’t the only one advantage of this procedure.

The benefits of the mobile massage in LA are obvious:

  • It saves your money and time. There is no need to go to the clinic and overpay for the relevant services.
  • Home atmosphere. This will help you to relax and tune in for treatment.
  • Convenient flexible schedule. You do not depend on the opening hours of the salon or clinic, as the mobile massage therapist adjusts to your free time.
  • High-quality services. A masseur who comes to you on a permanent basis works better than a casual person. In this case, you do not risk to be disappointed by the brands of famous clinics.

Prices for massage services at home can be very different, it all depends on the experience of the specialist and the range of services provided. Before you order the service, decide what you want to get and what problem to fix. Thus, the in-home massage in Los Angeles is a very convenient thing while in the majority of cases, the price will also pleasantly surprise you, since there is no need to pay for the clinic services.

In general, such type of massage is a very effective and popular means of improving the general well-being of a person and gaining vitality. In addition to this, the advantage of mobile massage therapy is that its effect will be preserved for a long time because you do not have to go to a specialist and it’s enough to call the therapist at home.

Thanks to a comfortable home atmosphere, you can relax well which will also affect the quality of the procedures and enjoyment of the rx massage. In addition, you do not depend on the work schedule of clinics, since you stipulate all the conditions and time for performing a massage at home with a specialist separately. Naturally, it is much more convenient and expedient than using the services of various clinics.

Medical massage. Do we know everything about it? Medical massage is a complex effect on the active points of the body in order to the general health improvement. Modern technology is also aimed at eliminating cosmetic defects, such as cellulite, flabbiness, body irregularities and folds. Some techniques of medical LA mobile massage are used to achieve complete relaxation and enjoyment in order to replenish energy and get rid of chronic fatigue.

The benefits of this procedure are measured by the result that the patient receives after completing the course of the sessions. It is important to choose a qualified in-home massage therapist who is fluent in all the subtleties of the profession because an incorrectly performed session sometimes entails a number of additional health problems that may be very difficult to eliminate. To match the expected and actual results, contact our salon. We employ professionally certified masseurs who have many years of practical experience in the field of massage techniques and constantly improve their skills. We offer a convenient service that includes conducting the home massage in Los Angeles at the master’s place, performing the procedure in the client’s home or at the clinic.

Mobile Massage Service

Massage at the master’s place. Some patients do not like to appear in massage clinics, preferring to be alone with a therapist without prying eyes. If you do not want the salon personnel and other clients to know that you are using the massage services and at the same time it is not in your principles to invite strangers to your home, use t the mobile massage service at the master’s place. This is convenient for several reasons:


  • It creates a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere between you and the massage therapist;
  • You do not need to visit the salon and meet with staff and other clients;
  • Being alone with the master, you will be frank and tell him about the expected results in more detail;
  • You do not need to let strangers into your home, overcoming psychological principles;
  • You can complete the massage course completely anonymously.

The session of Los Angeles mobile massage at home of the master will be as professional and skillful as in the office of the massage salon. However, your complete relaxation will allow the masseur to achieve better results than you originally expected. This will be an excellent choice for people who are concerned about their psychological comfort.

Massage at the client’s home. Are you a busy person and do not have extra time to travel to the salon? Then the services of professional massage Rx therapists with home visits will be very helpful. All you have to do is to agree with us about the time of the session and leave the address where you will be at that moment. The advantages of home visits are obvious:

  • You do not waste time on the road;
  • You are in a familiar comfortable environment;
  • It is easier for you to relax when being alone with a massage therapist;
  • You are franker in matters of your health;
  • You do not need to visit the massage clinic and meet other visitors.

If you have small children who cannot be left unattended, it is not necessary to refuse a pleasant and useful massage procedure. Just sign up for a session of at home massage at Los Angeles.

The home visit to the client is very convenient because it does not require any extra actions from you. The master will take with him everything that is needed for a professional session. Massage at your home will be as effective as the Rx massage therapy in the specialized clinic.

Massage at the specialized clinic. When searching in Google for “mobile massage near me” you can also stop your choice at carrying the procedure in the specialized clinic. It is the most common service among visitors. You do not need to memorize someone's address and look for it or to invite other people to your home. Just arrange a session at the salon and arrive at the appointed time. The benefits of the salon massage are the following:

  • Everything you need for a session will be in a salon;
  • A clean, cozy, and warm room creates a relaxing atmosphere;
  • There are only two people in the room - you and the massage therapist;
  • You can visually assess the professionalism of the master in his usual working conditions;
  • The staff of the mobile massage company will advise you on all issues of interest.

Session in the downtown LA massage clinic is your choice if you are used to everything being official and on schedule. You will be greeted by friendly employees of our salon and within a few minutes, you will feel at home.

Massage - Pros and Cons for Our Health. Experts claim that massage is a way of maintaining health and excellent prevention of many diseases. But there is, unfortunately, the other side of the coin - when this pleasant and relaxing procedure can cause significant damage to human health. So that you can avoid the negative reaction of the body after a failed session of a deep tissue massage in Los Angeles (or any other procedure), we suggest considering all the pros and cons it gives for our health.

European or Eastern? Massage in Beverly Hills as well as in any other place can be very different, however, all its types are combined into two world systems: European and Eastern. The European massage unites the knowledge and technology of such countries as Russia, Sweden, and Finland. It is generally accepted that the studies of Russian doctors became the basis of the so-called classical massage, which is used to date throughout the world.

The main methods of classical massage are stroking, rubbing, petrissage, and vibration, where each of them has its own role and therapeutic effect.

Stroking during the massage improves skin elasticity, blood and lymphatic circulation, reduces pain, improves vascular tone, enhances the processes of inhibition in the cerebral cortex, and reduces the increased muscle tone. This method is an integral part of the sports massage in Los Angeles.

Rubbing is aimed at improving tissue mobility, loosening and comminution of pathological deposits, warming tissues, and also has an analgesic effect.

Petrissage helps to get rid of deep pathological deposits, swelling, and stagnation. In addition, it improves the blood supply to the muscles, their nutrition and regeneration, and restores their normal function.

The use of vibration in a classic mobile massage in Los Angeles also contributes to the improvement of blood circulation, can lower or increase the pressure, and increases the muscle tone.

Eastern massage. Not only the classical techniques of mass mobile massage can be effective in the treatment of many diseases, but also the Eastern massage that has recently become a part of European medicine. It is performed by massaging individual points on the body - acupressure.

The procedure is performed only with the fingertips. From the European medicine point of view, when you press on the acupressure points, the release of endorphins, which block pain, occurs. It allows doctors from all over the globe to successfully use this practice for the treatment of headaches, joint diseases, hypertension, bronchial asthma, and even ulcers.

Downtown LA Massage

Pros of the procedure. Completion of the full course of massage in the downtown of LA, of course, if it was performed by the experienced specialist, will leave you not only a good mood and a feeling of renewal, but also, in the literal sense of the word, cleanse your skin of dead epidermal cells and increase the muscle tone which greatly rejuvenates the skin.

Also, improving the functioning of the peripheral and central nervous system, through which LA mobile massage triggers a complex chain of reflex reactions, leads to general rehabilitation and the elimination of the primary pathological processes.

In order to feel the healing effect of the corporate massage therapy, its course should be at least 10-15 sessions - every day or every other day, depending on the initial state of your health and the doctor's prescriptions.

Cons of the procedure. You may ask, how the ordinary Los Angeles chair massage can harm? It turns out that all the same can, like any other medical procedure. In order to avoid unpleasant consequences, before you go to a masseuse, you should consult with your doctor and tell him about all diseases and ailments that bother you. Only in such a case, he will be able to choose for you the most suitable type of massage that will bring the greatest benefit.

You should remember that the procedure must be performed only by a professional, while a poorly prepared person can seriously damage your health. In addition, there are a number of diseases with which massage is strictly prohibited and self-treatment can even cost you a life. The procedure also is strictly prohibited for a person in whose body there is an acute inflammatory process or with the increased temperature. Remember, that Los Angeles sports massage, as well as its other types, increase the temperature of the body, and in such case, it may lead to unpleasant consequences. It isn’t also recommended to go to the mobile massage therapist if you have any inflammatory processes on the skin – the procedure will only contribute to the further development of the inflammation.

Experts claim that unqualified massage may lead to the nerve and muscle tissue damage and inflammatory changes. According to Robert Gotlin, a sports physician from the Bat Israel Medical Center (New York), about 15% of people who receive the unqualified procedure need further restorative treatment. The fact is that in most cases the pain after a session may be associated not only with muscle damage but with changes in bone tissue and nerves.

Today, while typing the “mobile massage therapy near me” in the Google search, you will find salons that are able to offer you about a dozen different massage procedures - a wellness, cosmetic, apparatus massage, and its other types during which the specialists use either various devices or hands. But the overall prevalence and availability of massage can play a cruel joke with us, for example, when you are offered to do it right on the beach. Just think for a while: how well washed are the hands of the masseur, what means will he use, and does he have the necessary training at all? Recently, the Italian authorities even forbade people to massage on the beaches, as it was mainly performed by immigrants who did not have special training and license.

Undoubtedly, downtown Los Angeles massage brings more benefits than harm but you can significantly improve your health only if you are in the skillful hands of a professional massage therapist. Our salon offers all of the modern massage services with high quality and professionalism. Regardless of a place you choose for performing the procedure, an experienced master with full responsibility will approach the provision of services. Please note that the price of chair massage in Los Angeles at the salon and at home may be different.

Don’t save on your health – get the professional massage session in our clinic.