Life with Comfort. Three Steps to Get Rid of the Back Pain.

We all like to wake up with comfort in the sunrays and go to the kitchen to make a cup of a fragrant coffee. This ideal picture may be completely broken if you have a pain in your back. With such problem, not only morning awakening but also each second of your working day may […]

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Professional advice. Necessary or not?

We all ask for advice when we need help. And most often we go to our close friends or relatives instead of professional specialists. Is it a good decision and how it could end up we will discuss in this article. I am a massage therapist for more than twenty-five years and for this term […]

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11 Tips to Get the Best Massage Ever

Our modern life is full of important decisions, permanent challenges, responsibility, and worrying. Of course, all of this is accompanied by the stress, nerves, and tense anxiety. Because of this crazy rush each of us wants to take a pause and get rid of the physical and psychological stress with the session of relaxing massage. […]

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Which massage to choose? Tips from the professionals.

When an inexperienced person decides to go to his first massage session and don’t know which technique to choose, the simple search in Google will shock him. Nowadays there is a wide variety of massage techniques, each of them is different and has its own recommendation for certain cases. You can find Swedish massage, Shiatsu, […]

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Why stop your choice on the mobile massage?

We all understand the impressive effect of the massage. People all over the globe use its different techniques to get rid of the stress, physical and psychological tension, and permanent fatigue. But unfortunately, not so many of us can find time to visit the massage salon and get the procedure. Especially on the regular basis. […]

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12 Rules for Life

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Corporate Massage Los Angeles

Corporate Massage Los Angeles. First Time Corporate Massage $50 Off

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Chest and Shoulder Pain Massage Therapy.

Massage Rx Professional Massage Therapy. This video shows how our specialist can help with chest muscle pain. If you have a chronic strain, you may benefit from massage therapy and exercises to correct muscle imbalances that contribute to strain. In more severe cases, surgery may be needed to repair torn muscles.

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Chronic Calf Pain treatment. Be freed from Calf pain!

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