Life with Comfort. Three Steps to Get Rid of the Back Pain.

We all like to wake up with comfort in the sunrays and go to the kitchen to make a cup of a fragrant coffee. This ideal picture may be completely broken if you have a pain in your back. With such problem, not only morning awakening but also each second of your working day may seem a real torture. Our guide will help you back to the normal life and completely get rid of the annoying back pain that turns you into a grumpy monster.

We have collected three main steps to get the desired result and forget about this problem forever. Try to read carefully each of them and in the short period of time, you will be again in the ideal mood and health condition. We have only one life and only one body – don’t be indifferent to your health.

Step #1. Look closer to your body and find a source of the pain.

No one except you will take care of your wellness. This is your body and your organism and you are the one who bears the whole responsibility for it. As in any health problem, it is extremely important to notice the problem on time. Just compare the two absolutely different situations:

  1. You have noticed a pain in your back when doing performing certain activities and immediately ask for a professional help of the doctor;
  2. You started noticing the pain several days/weeks ago and think that it will go away if you limit the physical activities. It is not so critical and you “simply don’t have time to go to the specialist”.

Do you feel the difference? It is obvious that the earlier you pay attention to the pain, try to find its source, understand when it occurs, and ask for a professional help, the less time you will need to get rid of it.

In most cases, you will be prescribed several massage sessions or stretching exercises. If the pain is too much or the overall process is neglected, you may be prescribed painkillers.

2. Do stretching every day.

Yes, we know what you will say. You don’t have time in the morning, you are too exhausted in the evening, and so on. Just remember the one simple rule – less than five minutes of stretching every day will provide you with the surprising result. You will feel it in a few days already.

The main thing is to do it regularly. Believe us, five extra minutes of sleeping will not save you but may give a great benefit to your health condition and eliminate any possible problems with the spine.

Just find the video with best stretches and charge yourself with energy and good temper for the whole day.

3. Choose correct exercises for your particular case.

So, you have finally decided to do morning exercises and felt the result. Now, you want more physical activities and don’t know what exercise to choose not to harm but to get the maximal benefit to your health and to get read of the back pain.

Prior to providing you with the examples, we want to claim that any exercise, starting from the gentlest and to the moderate one, can provide you with the back pain relief. It’s up to you how difficult will be your exercises, the only thing you should take into account is that it is recommended to do everything gradually. If yesterday you did the morning exercise and today decided to run four kilometers, your back definitely will not say “thank you”. Start from the simplest exercises and increase the load every day.

There are two exercises that are recommended by the professionals in most cases and you will be surprised at how simple they are.

  1. First of all, choose walking. In the age of cars, buses, bikes, hoverboards, and lots of other modern vehicles, we simply forget to walk. This set of simple movements will not only help you to get rid of the pain in the back, but also improve overall health condition and provide with the good mood and sound sleep.
  2. Yoga exercises greatly improve the health condition by strengthening the muscles. Working on the muscles state, you will notice the improvement of your posture and feel the back pain relief. Moreover, it will stabilize the nervous system which means you get higher productivity, good mood, and sound sleep.

Be Active!

Summing up everything mentioned above and giving the last one advice, we recommend you to lead an active lifestyle. The more you move during a day, the better will be your health condition and the fewer injuries you will feel from lifting or long sitting in one position. Of course, we all go to work and most of us spend days in offices, active lifestyle is still possible. Just walk home instead of driving or taking the bus, and try to spend your weekends maximally actively.

When performing our “magic steps” each day, you will see the result in the comparably short time period. The pain in your back will go away and you will forget about it as a nightmare. In addition to the tips given in our article, we also recommend you to get a course of therapeutic massage which also will have to significantly eliminate the pain and improve the overall well-being. The most important moment here is to entrust this work to the professionals, otherwise, you can even worsen the current health condition.

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