Leg Pain Therapy in West Los Angeles

Our joints are the most mobile and often used parts of the body. They are a typical site of injury and pain for most people we see in our clinic. From overuse to injuries from sports, the causes are countless, and the range of effects from mild pain to complete immobility. Massage Rx Los Angeles provides practical information on some of the most common problems that result in leg pain, as well as the details of how pain therapy can help to reverse its effects in your legs.

The actual effects of leg pain can be hard to identify. When you have experienced an injury, such as straining a joint through a recurrent pattern at work, dislocating bones while playing sports, or cramping a nerve by falling asleep in a bad position, the origin of your sudden pain may be apparent. But when pain in the legs develops gradually over time without getting involved in an injury or accident, or when the discomfort from an injury has become severe and the origin becomes unknown, you may be in need of a more detailed assessment to identify the source.

There are different sources for the pain including arthritis and tendinitis, but misalignment of the bones in the lower back is cause for most chronic leg pains. When the spaces where the nerves leave the spine get tight because the bones or discs are dislocated, the nerve can become inflamed, and usually cause pain down its whole path. Several patients are amazed when they see that the nerves move from the spine all the way to the ends of their toes.

As such, injuries to the vertebrae in the spine can generate the feeling of discomfort anywhere along the entire length of your legs. It creates the symptoms associated with leg pain, which radiates from the hip to the foot, is a good example of how it works.

Because of the complexity of the joints and the great number of causes of your leg pain, it is essential to conduct a professional assessment to identify the source. With the use of both a detailed review of your medical history and physical assessment with the advanced imaging procedure, a physical therapist can see a comprehensive report that will identify the root cause of your leg pain.

With the use of non-invasive and therapeutic treatments, our physical therapist can assist your leg in gradual re-aligning of the vertebrae, which can provide both immediate and long-lasting relief. When you are suffering leg pain, don’t wait for it to get worse, book a consultation with our leg pain therapy team at West Los Angeles today. Also, check out our services in Calabasas.

Then the therapist will continue with the tailored massage while using their specific technique to alleviate any type of discomfort or pain that you presented. During your massage we apply the pressure we think necessary for what you are presenting. If at any time during the massage you feel discomfort please let the therapist know so they can adjust the pressure. Our goal is to have you leave with the best massage that you have ever had while alleviating the pain and discomfort that you have. You should never leave a massage facility feeling sore or in more pain than you came in with. If you are slightly sore that will be from a deep tissue or from addressing a specific body area that does need work. Book with us so we can get you on the road to recovery without having to take medication or go pay an expensive medical bill.

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